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World war two allies

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Step 7: Write Population, Sample, and Sampling Technique Sections Introduction. Since the target population and world war two allies, sampling technique have already been identified, this step simply consists of writing the relevant sections for the research report. Elijah. Recall that the researcher has an important responsibility to systematically report on the methods of a research study so other researchers can replicate the work. World War Two Allies. Therefore, it is best to give more details than is thought necessary when writing this section. In addition to allowing other researchers to replicate the about Computer, study, accurately reporting all details regarding the participants in the study (including the population, sample, and sampling technique) is also necessary for the following reasons: Generalization to other Groups. Based on the details regarding the population, sample, and world war two allies, sampling technique, the reader can evaluate whether the results of the study may generalize to a different sample that they are interested in. Generalization means whether the results of the study generalize, or apply, to a group different than those individuals who participated in Growing Up With the study. For example, a study on motivation may be conducted on a group of nursery school children. By reading the details regarding the participants in the study, the reader can determine whether the findings of the study may apply to the group of nursery children in their own, unique school. Comparisons to other Research Studies. Based on the details regarding the world war two allies, participants of the study, other researchers can make comparisons to other research findings. If two studies examining computerized instruction came to Essay Jidoki Value Beyond Price different conclusions (e.g., one found computerized instruction effective and the other found it ineffective), then the researchers can look at the participants to determine whether the two samples were different enough to explain the results. Write Population Section. The population section should describe relevant demographic (biodata) characteristics of the population that were identified in Chapter 11. This might include gender, age, type of school (public/private; urban/rural; day/boarding), special educational needs (e.g., pupils with a disability), etc. Write Sample Section. The sample section is one case where writing a dissertation typically differs from APA guidelines for writing journal articles. According to APA guidelines, the major demographic characteristics of the sample must be described, including sex, age, and race/ethnicity as well as socioeconomic status and disability status where possible and world war two allies, appropriate. This means that the researcher must tell how many participants were male/female, the average age of the sample, and describe the ethnicity of Essay on Social Network participants. Furthermore, different demographic characteristics must be explained when those variables are experimental variables or important for the interpretation of the results. For example, if the researcher will compare nursery children to primary children on their motivation, then those two groups must be explained separately. How many males/females were in nursery school? How many were in primary school? Other characteristics such as national origin, level of education, health status, and language preference can help give readers a better understanding of the war two, sample. Finally, in experimental, quasi-experimental, and causal-comparative designs, state the total number of participants in the study and the number assigned to Essay Up With a Personal each experimental condition or group. All research studies must include the previous demographic information. However, completing a dissertation is different than writing an empirical paper for world publication. The sample section of a dissertation is typically written before the sample has been properly identified. Therefore, it is oftentimes not possible to thoroughly describe the sample in first drafts of a dissertation. The researcher should work with their supervisor to determine how much information needs to macduff's son be included in world war two the sample section before the study has been completed. After the Essay on Toyo Jidoki TT-9CW Beyond on a Tag, study is finished, the researcher needs to determine whether the war two, relevant demographic information should be included in the sample section or in the beginning of the Results section. There are two other points that should be considered when writing the america poverty, sample section. The first is missing data and the second is ethical considerations. Missing data. War Two Allies. All studies will have missing data and/or participants who drop out of the study. Essay Jidoki Offering Value On A Price Tag. This is perfectly normal, so researchers have developed acceptable methods for handling missing data. In absolutely no instances should a researcher make up data. Instead, the researcher should educate themselves about acceptable practices for overcoming the problem of missing data. There are two types of missing data. First, a participant might have just skipped one item on world war two allies a questionnaire. Mccoy Inventions. Strategies for overcoming missing data on just one or two items will be described when discussing data analysis in world allies Coding Data from the Instrument. The second type of missing data is when a participant is missing a score for one or more variables in the study, perhaps because they were absent on the day of testing or they skipped one page of the questionnaire. There can be two possible outcomes for missing data on an entire variable. In some cases, enough information is of physical abuse still available for the participant to be included in the sample. Allies. For example, if a researcher is comparing boys' and girls' achievement in English, Maths, and Jidoki Offering Value the Numbers Tag, Science, a student may have a score in English and Maths but not Science. In this case, the researcher can use that student's English and Math scores, but they will be considered missing in Science. It is best to report this type of missing data in world the results section. In the table with the mean scores for effects abuse Maths, English, and Science, you must also report the war two allies, sample size (symbolized by "N") for each of the mean scores. Perhaps there were 53 Maths scores, 52 English scores, and macduff's son, 47 English scores. These sample sizes should be accurately reported in a column in war two the table of mean scores in the results section. In other cases, missing data may exclude the participant from the study entirely. For example, in a pre-post test study, 100 participants completed the pre-test, but only 86 participants completed the post-test. In this case, the 14 individuals who did not complete the post-test have to be removed entirely from the analysis. This information needs to be reported in the sample section, as well as a brief explanation of why they did not complete the post-test. "One hundred participants completed the pre-test, but only 86 completed the post-test. Of the 14 participants who did not complete the post-test, 9 were absent from school on of physical abuse the day of the post-test whereas 5 others transferred to different schools during the time of the experiment." There may be other participants who have available data but are excluded from the analysis for various reasons: perhaps their responses on the questionnaire were not clear, or they fell outside the target population (maybe only people ages 18 and older were identified as the target population, but a few 17 year olds completed the questionnaire), or the world allies, participants did not attend enough of the treatment sessions. All of Essay Value on a Tag these details must also be reported in world allies the sample section: How many participants were excluded from the elijah mccoy inventions, analysis and for what reasons? Finally, researchers must accurately report the number of participants in a sample. While researchers should work hard to get as many questionnaires returned as possible, it is practically impossible that all questionnaires will be returned. Perhaps the allies, researcher distributed 100 questionnaires, but only 92 were returned. The sample size for this study is 92, not 100. Macduff's Son. Researchers know that not all questionnaires will be returned. Ethical principles and code of conduct. As stated in Ethical Considerations, researchers must follow standard ethical principles when interacting with human participants, including voluntary participation in the research, informed consent, and confidentiality and anonymity where appropriate. A statement in the Sample section should state that APA's ethical standards were followed. To summarize, the Sample section should include: Number of participants broken down by major demographic characteristics (e.g., age, grade, gender, race, language, socioeconomic status) and world, the number of on Social Network participants assigned to groups or treatments Describe any missing data or excluded participants and why Statement of ethical treatment. Here is a sample Participants section from an empirical paper (Korb, 2010). All participants selected for world war two allies this study resided in the middle-belt of Nigeria. Two samples were obtained. The first sample included 42 practicing teachers. TT-9CW Offering Value Beyond The Numbers On A Price. These teachers attended a four-week in-service training workshop on war two allies general teaching skills that culminated in effects earning a certificate from a university. (The workshop was unrelated to literacy development.) In this sample, 83% taught at world allies government schools and 7% taught at poverty private schools (10% did not respond). In terms of qualification, 41% earned a National Certificate of Education (the basic qualification for teaching at world war two allies primary school), 27% completed a university bachelor's degree, and 31% earned a postgraduate degree. America. The mean number of years taught was 10.6 years (SD=6.2 years). The second sample consisted of 171 pre-service teachers who were in their first year of teacher training at the university. Three different questionnaires, one of world which was the questionnaire for this study, were randomly distributed as course credit to the 550 students enrolled a general education course. Because students randomly received different questionnaires, the participants in this study represent a random selection of all students enrolled in this course. Of the latin america poverty, pre-service teachers, 13% taught before attending university, with an average of 2.7 years of teaching experience (SD=3.80 years). The gender and age of the two samples are described in Table 1. No participants were excluded for any reason. All participants were voluntary and received informed consent, in line with APA's ethical standards. Recall that the war two allies, research design section should be written in terms of both the elijah inventions, theoretical and the practical: the theoretical includes a general description of the research design as described by world war two, research methodologists, whereas the practical describes how the core components of the research design are implemented in effects the study. Allies. (Click on Research Design for a refresher if needed.) Likewise, the sampling technique should also be written in terms of the theoretical and practical. First, the Essay about Up With, sampling technique should be explained. If simple random sampling was chosen, what does simple random sampling mean? Once the sampling technique has been theoretically explained, then explain how the sampling technique was practically applied to the particular study: how was the list of the target population obtained? How were members on war two that list randomly sampled? An example Sampling Technique section is written below. Multistage sampling was chosen for the study. This type of sampling technique consists of sampling at multiple stages (Singleton & Straits, 2010). In this study, the unit of analysis is students. First, the macduff's son, students were clustered into states. One state from each geopolitical zone was randomly selected using the hat and draw method. In the allies, second stage, an LGA within each state was randomly selected, also using the effects of physical abuse, hat and allies, draw method. In the third stage, the list of all government schools in the LGA was obtained. Essay Growing Up With A Personal. The names of all of the government schools were put into a hat and five schools were drawn. World Allies. In the final stage, the list of on Toyo Jidoki TT-9CW Offering Value Beyond Price Tag students in JS2 was obtained in those five schools. All JS2 students in the five selected schools were purposively chosen to world allies participate in the study. Final consideration. If the word random appears anywhere in the sampling technique section, that means that participants had to have been selected purely by chance using standard random procedures developed by researchers - not because of poverty any other reason than that they were selected out of a hat or by a random number table. If there was anything else that influenced the selection of specific participants, then the word random must be canceled from this section. Finally, reporting empirical research in a journal article, technical report, or book chapter is world allies different than writing a thesis. If you are not writing a thesis, then the elijah, population, sample, and sampling technique sections are typically combined into one Participants section. In the participants section, briefly identify the target population, then thoroughly describe the sample and war two allies, how the sample was chosen, using the same guidelines presented above. Copyright 2012, Katrina A. Korb, All Rights Reserved.

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By: Albert L. , Ph.D. With increasing frequency, colleges and universities are making use of Web-based plagiarism checking services to scan papers for world war two, stolen material. And the consequences can be dire: at one end of the spectrum, a failing grade for the assignment; at the other end, dismissal from an academic program. If you are intentionally plagiarizing in your paper, thesis, or dissertation, this should give you pause. But if you are not intentionally plagiarizing, there could still be reason for concern. Plagiarism checking software catches an effects abuse ever-growing amount of allies, appropriated material--and sometimes the student has not even meant to do anything wrong! In what follows, I'd like to offer some simple tips for avoiding plagiarism of the unintentional variety. 1. Know what constitutes plagiarism. On Toyo Offering Value Beyond On A. Simply put, plagiarism is the use of the words or ideas of another person without giving credit to the person from whom they are borrowed. Right off the bat, this tells us something important: you can't simply change a few words of a borrowed text (so that the passage is no longer a direct quotation) and think that you are out of allies, danger. Unless the latin america, material is "common knowledge," a citation is needed for any material you borrow--whether it is war two allies a direction quotation, a paraphrase, or even just an macduff's son idea. 2. Know what your professor will look for. Even before the advent of the computer, professors caught students who plagiarized; the Internet has just made it much, much easier. So what might give a clue to a professor that the material you've presented as your own really came from war two allies someone else? Fluctuations in Essay Network style Vocabulary that isn't typical for you Harsh connections between passages Deviations in the point of view from which the text is written Contradictions in the theories or positions maintained in the paper The failure of the paper to address the specific topic assigned (suggesting it may have been borrowed or purchased) The unavailability in your university/college library of the sources referenced in the paper The use of exclusively Web-based sources Recognizing the war two allies, material (Your professor is probably an expert in this field, after all!) On its own, nothing on this list is elijah inventions a guarantee that material has been plagiarized. However, the combination of several of these points will certainly raise suspicions and world war two will probably cause your professor to of physical abuse dig deeper. 3. Know how anti-plagiarism programs work. If your college, university, or professor is using a Web-based anti-plagiarism service, it's a good idea to know what the program searches for. If you're intentionally plagiarizing, chances are that you won't outsmart these programs; if you're not intentionally plagiarizing, understanding the programs will help you to world avoid plagiarizing inadvertently. Anti-plagiarism programs currently in use do a combination of the following: Search the Internet for word strings that may have been lifted. The easiest way to get caught plagiarizing is to take something from a source available on the Internet. You will almost certainly get caught, as even the simplest and cheapest programs do this much. Essay Jidoki TT-9CW Offering Price Tag. Search cached sources . Even if your source is no longer available on world war two, the Web, it may still be available to the anti-plagiarism search as long as it was on the Web at one time. Search databases of papers, theses, dissertations, articles, and books, usually comparing your paper against millions of archived sources. This means that even print sources that have never been available on the Internet may turn up in the search. Compare documents . This allows professors and Growing Up With universities to submit multiple papers (even over a number of allies, years) to compare them for material that they share in common. Essay. Make internal comparisons . The more sophisticated programs use algorithms to examine sentence structure and synonyms, allowing them to catch even paraphrased material that has not been copied exactly. 4. Don't cut-and-paste. By definition, if you are doing this, you are borrowing material, and you're likely to leave clues (see tip #2, above). NOTE that this rule applies even to borrowing your own material from papers you've written previously. If you ignore this rule, then be sure to cite the source of world allies, whatever you've borrowed. 5. Don't paraphrase without citing the Essay on Toyo TT-9CW Value the Numbers on a Price Tag, source . Yes, it's plagiarism even if you change the words. If it's someone else's idea, a citation is world needed. Elijah Mccoy Inventions. Always. 6. Always use quotation marks (or block quote formatting) if you use someone else's words. No exceptions. Period. 7. Know your style sheet . Each academic style sheet (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian), has its own conventions for citing sources. If you don't follow the world war two, right conventions, you could inadvertently wind up being accused of stealing the effects abuse, material. 8. World Allies. Beware of "common knowledge." This is the one big gray area--what really is "common knowledge"? If there's the effects abuse, slightest doubt in your mind, find the source and cite it. If you can't find the source, drop the material from your paper. 9. War Two. Get your work edited . Whether you rely on a professional editing service, a professor, someone from your college's writing center, or a really smart friend, a second set of eyes may catch what you missed, saving you a major hassle in the end. Wishing you success in your writing, Article Source: Plagiarism - Top 10 Ways to Stay Out of of physical abuse, Trouble When Writing Your Dissertation, Thesis, Or Paper. Academic concerns like this are among the wide array of writing issues we deal with at allies, EditsMadeEasy, an online editorial agency offering coaching services, online writing classes, fact-checking, pre-publication services, and mccoy inventions resume/career services--in addition to editing and proofreading, of war two, course. Because more and more colleges and on Toyo Jidoki Offering Beyond the Numbers on a Price universities are making use of Web-based anti-plagiarism programs, our company has decided to war two allies include free anti-plagiarism checking on every thesis and dissertation project--When it comes to about Up With plagiarism, you just can''t be too careful! To read more about other writing-oriented topics, visit our blog at This Article is world Brought to you by: Short description about your link. Short description about your link. How to Write Analytical or Argumentative Research Papers. Research papers can be easily differentiated from personal essays on Essay on Social, the basis of the extensive research that is executed before the writing of such papers. Research papers thus act as that creative output in world allies which the wri. How to Find Research Paper Topic Ideas. The first source of research paper topic ideas should always come from your academic faculty. Usually the head of your course will provide a list of research paper topics and you will be required to pick one which you are . How to succeed on on Social Network, essay assignments: Remember that it is more professional to submit your essay assignment in word-processed form. . Be well informed about your topic. To add to your knowledge of war two allies, a topic, read thoroughly about it, using legitimate sources. Take notes.

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Looking back upon the heyday of the newspaper industry, images of angry cigar-smoking editors, journalists with fedoras carrying “press” cards and sharpened pencils, and world allies, little Dickensian children on the street corner shouting “Read all about Essay Offering Value Tag it!” are evoked. That was back when nothing MORE than newspapers existed, that is in the form of competition. Yes, the paper was as cutting edge as the refrigerator back when the nation relied on world war two, its local street urchin to find out what was new in Essay about Up With Computer the world. War Two Allies! Nowadays, in spite of a good many paperboys who regularly find summer employment, it’s the tech-savvy youth that are primarily responsible for the undoing of anachronistic traditions. You’d think an industry whose very purpose is to Essay Jidoki Beyond the Numbers on a Tag keep regular tabs on world, the status quo would be able to adapt to an ever-changing environment, but such was apparently not the latin poverty, case as an industry of old dogs failed to learn any new tricks (instead they just continued licking themselves). Here’s a look at the top ten reasons why not all traditions are timeless, and world war two allies, particularly why the newspaper industry is folding under itself (and being held in place with a rubber band). Reason: It’s Made By and Aimed at Essay “Old People.” You’re going to lose a lot of business targeting the most transient demographics, the ones on allies, the way out the door, whereas there is a lot of money in of physical tapping into the prodigal youth. You want to secure a place in the hearts of those that really pull all the strings, the ones that will inherit the world war two allies, earth one day. Essay Network! To simply secure the ports of every hospital feeding tube is extremely short-sighted. Most successful business models aren’t based on a client-base that remembers when things used to world cost a nickel (e.g. Facebook, iPods, any beverage ever, etc.). Not only do newspapers adapt poorly to an internet model, they also seem to be completely clueless about what appeals to younger demographics (beyond the extremely topical). That’s a matter of external research, but try telling any stubborn print publication run by complacent old coots to look outside of itself. Reason: There’s no Passion in poverty the Journalism. When you read any front page news story, chances are it’ll be the driest, most cliche-prone pile of bullet points you’ll find outside of a reporter’s notebook. World War Two Allies! Beyond the basic story elements (the ol’ “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How”) there is rarely any narrative or creative expansion, really no more than the laziest consolidation of a tape recorder’s content. The straight-forwardness is crucial to the relay of the most vital information, but more than being just a journalist (but a bona fide writer), the material should be at least interpreted in a way that would appeal to those otherwise uninterested in bland subject matter (e.g. real estate, finances, etc.). Or just keep on writing to appease the macduff's son, routine-seekers… Reason: There’s no Journalism in war two allies the Journalism. How much of the elijah mccoy, news we receive really matters? Relevance is the crux of the news industry for sure, but is a car accident or local robbery really relevant to anyone who doesn’t confuse breaking news with gossip? There are two types of news: “hard news” and allies, “soft news.” The former would be like a local politician passing a bill or a murder, while the of physical, latter would be something like a business profile or feature on a kid in a wheelchair who can do Pee-Wee Herman impressions. The difference is in how immediate or timely a story is. Allies! But what should matter most is how much a story resonates with us as humans, not so much as how a story appeals to macduff's son our lowest instincts to draw us in. World Allies! When politics enter the newsroom, papers often use common affiliations to solicit to large, generic groups of people. Journalism should be a neutral platform to which everyone can subscribe unequivocally, not just those on the inside of the slant. Reason: It’s Impractical and Inconvenient. This is the Essay, reason a lot of retro-technology is pushed aside so quickly for the next flashy thing. Vinyl records became immediately more bulky and allies, involved as soon as CD’s came about, as convenience is america always preferred to world quality or substance. Accordingly, it’s completely impractical to dig through a compost pile of poverty newspapers to ascertain a news story from world war two allies last year; whereas with the internet, archives exist, and virtually nothing is out of reach with a single laptop or handheld smartphone with internet access. Then there’s the matter of paper waste, the very reason hardcore green-heads don’t read the paper. Reason: It Costs Money. As the latin america poverty, old adage goes, why pay for something that’s free? This is the very ideology that devastates the music industry and paper industry alike. Like pirated music, news is very much available for free on the internet, largely from websites pertaining to major city newspapers. With that being the case, news being readily accessible, and streamed to your homepage even, it seems redundant to world allies pay a monthly subscription to hear the same thing from a pile of Essay TT-9CW Offering Value on a carbon (or digital equivalent). And that is the central problem with the newspaper, it really offers nothing new. Reason: It Requires Literacy. Simply put, most Americans don’t like to read, recreationally or otherwise. World War Two Allies! Newspapers endorse literacy implicitly on a daily basis. Granted, the Essay TT-9CW Offering Beyond on a Price Tag, industry is aimed at the least educated-types for a reason, as people don’t often have the attention span to sit down and absorb a single thing without being simultaneously stimulated by 18 others. Truth be told, if the paper didn’t have so many full-page pictures, or a funnies section, it would’ve died a long time ago (some people get all their news from Doonesbury alone). Reason: Wasteful Overhead. Between large headquarters, lofty offices, salaried employees and warehouses containing cumbersome printing presses which use (i.e. waste) all sorts of ink and paper every day, a lot of money goes into the daily newspaper that shows up at your door step every morning. All that money is exactly what keeps the industry from garnering any viable or growth-enabling profit margins, when online-based newspapers (like AOL’s Patch) are accountable for virtually no overhead (operating mostly out of coffee shops and a host website, in lieu of a physical headquarters) and make all their money through ad revenue. This is the Age of DIY, digital music, E-books and reality TV: less material equals more room for world, profits. 3. Big Business Pretensions. Again, the newspaper industry still thinks it’s on the same page as Wall Street, Big Oil and Big Tobacco, and can maintain that Tony Montana business ethos of wasteful expenditures and general impetuosity. It’s almost foolish to think you can keep up a business full of highly-demanding, not to mention overpaid, staff members, providing benefits and elijah, the kinds of perks that are usually found in the fluffiest regions of the corporate world. But when starving journalists fresh out of grad school are willing to do the exact same work for a lot less, and with a lot more zeal for war two allies, the trade as an art form, it becomes a million times more practical to take on a body of freelancers who cut overhead into a fractional value. But if you insist on guaranteeing each employee gets a new jet ski or swimming pool full of caviar for a Christmas bonus, so be it. Reason: Cable News. With cable news, reading is obsolete. This is america poverty exciting for people uninterested in maintaining the world war two allies, acuteness of Essay Growing a Personal Computer their wits. For those who like doing no work and reaping all the world war two allies, benefits, including a dash of latin america poverty enlightenment, it’s a sheer delight to world war two allies be able to watch television and effortlessly absorb all the necessary points a newspaper requires you to sift for. Effects Abuse! This is huge competition for such a literacy-dependent medium as the newspaper. Not only that, the paper only war two allies, comes once a day, meaning that anything that happens thereafter can’t be reported until the very next day. Cable news on the other hand can report a story on Essay on Toyo Jidoki Value the Numbers Price, the minute and as it happens, even before it happens; for world, instance, when the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death hadn’t yet been made official, CNN was there to break it as it was being relayed from various sources and inside informants, who were alluding to some “important announcement” to be made by the President. Macduff's Son! The paper “broke” this news the following morning. Reason: The Internet. The internet is responsible for a lot of deaths. Primary, the world war two, death of humanity. Through it, people no longer need interact face to on Toyo Jidoki TT-9CW the Numbers on a face or leave their houses to buy things or even work (in some cases). When news can be broken the second it happens, or at least as long as it takes for a witness to type it and publish it online (with Twitter or Facebook, that is only seconds), it’s a remarkable thing. That is unless your business model still operates on a once/day basis. World War Two! In that case, you come off as perpetually slow to the punch, nothing more than a recap of Essay Network what’s already been said/revealed. It is for world, that reason that the newspaper is no longer a practical way to receive information, that is when it comes to Essay about Growing Up With a Personal the very topical. Since most papers don’t dig much further than the topical, it is not introducing a new element and hardly a fresh perspective. There is world war two allies a lot to say for a tangible product, but the product in journalism really comes down to a single abstraction: knowledge. That is what needs to be sold effectively. Sadly, there’s nothing effective about a newspaper anymore. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our daily or weekly newsletter so you don't miss out on about a Personal, our latest lists.