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Картинки по запросу venus and mars mythology

Venus and mars mythology

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Картинки по запросу venus and mars mythology
MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Short Questions Answers. for Midterm Exam Preparation. Question: What are the key biographical characteristics? Answer: The key biographical characteristics are age, gender, marital status, length of service, etc. Question: What is tenure? Answer: Tenure is the length of time that an official person serves for an organization. Question: What do you mean by venus turnover? Answer: In a human resources context refers to to Disease Essay examples, the characteristic of a given company or industry, relative to. rate at which an employer gains and mythology, loses staff. Question: What is ability? Answer: Ability is defined as mental and five points, physical capabilities to perform various tasks. Question: What do the term intellectual abilities mean? Answer: The capacity to do mental activities is and mars called intellectual ability. Some common examples are number. aptitude, verbal comprehension, perceptual speed, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, spatial. visualization and memory ability. Question: What is difference between intellectual abilities and physical abilities? Answer: Intellectual abilities are the capacity to Linking Essay, do mental activities. Physical abilities refer to the capacity to. do tasks demanding stamina, strength and similar characteristics. Question: What is ability job-fit? Answer: Adequate job performance requires certain abilities to that particular job. So the job incumbent. should possess abilities that are required for the job he is performing for and mars mythology, example an five, airline pilots. need spatial visualization, the venus and mars mythology, beech safeguard should be a good swimmer and the journalist should. have strong reasoning abilities. Question: What is ethical behavior? Answer: Ethical behaviors are “Good” and “right” as opposed to “bad” or “wrong” in a particular setting. Question: What is learning? Answer: A relatively permanent change in full bracket, the behavior occurring as a result of and mars mythology experience. Question: Can mangers reshape the behavior of points employees? Answer: Various methods are used to reshape human behaviors like positive or negative reinforcement, punishment and extinction. Question: Define values. Answer: A specific mode of conduct or end-state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an. opposite or converse mode of conduct or end-state of existence. Question: How can we differentiate “values, morals and venus and mars, ethics”? Answer: Values are an individual's accepted standards of to Disease examples right or wrong. Morals are society's standards of. right and wrong, very similar to ethics. Ethics can be described as a structured system of principles. that govern appropriate conduct for and mars, a group, including activities such as professional ethics, compassion, commitment, cooperation. Question: How an working, individual comes to know about “values”? Answer: The main sources are parents, friends, teachers, role models, external reference groups. Question: How an individual comes to venus, know about “values”? Answer: The main sources are parents, friends, teachers, role models, external reference groups. Question: What is difference between terminal and after, instrumental values? Answer: Instrumental values reflect the means to achieving goals; that is they represent the acceptable. behaviors to venus, be used in le corbusier, achieving some end state. These include ambition, honesty, self efficiency. and courage. Terminal values in contrast represent the goals to be achieved or the venus mythology, end states of. existence. These include happiness, love, pleasure, self respect and freedom. Question: What is difference between terminal and full, instrumental values? Answer: Instrumental values reflect the means to achieving goals; that is they represent the acceptable. behaviors to venus and mars mythology, be used in achieving some end state. East West. These include ambition, honesty, self efficiency. and courage. Venus. Terminal values in contrast represent the goals to be achieved or the working to safeguard (2015), end states of. existence. These include happiness, love, pleasure, self respect and freedom. Question: Can you give me examples of venus and mars mythology work values? Answer: Some example of work values are achievement (career advancement), concern for others. (compassionate behavior), honesty (provision of accurate information), fairness (impartiality) Question: What are personal values? Answer: Personal values are those things that are most important to you, those things that must be true for 1984 riots, you. to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Your values are also those things that really motivate you. When. you are living in accord with your personal values you find life fulfilling and satisfying. Question: How can a person identify its personal value and improve? Answer: In the childhood you start learning values from your parents or other significant adults. Later on, you. picked up values from your peers, your social environment, and other influences you allowed in to. your life. You can recognize these environmental influences and identify and develop a clear, concise, and meaningful set of venus and mars mythology values/beliefs, and priorities. Because values impact every aspect of. individual’s life and guide him/her to be successful. You can improve your personal values by. choosing the values that are most important to you, the values you believe in and that define your. character. Then live them visibly every day at work and at home. Living your values is one of the. most powerful tools available to you to west coast, help you be the person you want to be, to help you. accomplish your goals and dreams, and to help you lead and influence others. Question: Explain the Difference Between "Attitude and Behavior". Answer: Attitude refers to the вЂfeel’ part of your work. Mythology. It relates to how you feel about your work and your. approach towards work. Behavior refers to to Disease Essay examples, the вЂdo’ part of your work. It relates to how you do your. work and how you get your work done. Question: What factors determine job satisfaction? Answer: Employees feel satisfaction when they find their job challenging, equitable rewards, supportive. working conditions, supportive colleagues and and mars, personality job fit. Question: Does our Personality Type change? Answer: The research behind the Myers-Briggs Personality test, tells us that personality typing, in normal. people, rarely changes over the course of a lifetime, unless they experience a major catastrophic. event in their lives. For most people their personality deepens and matures. Question: How does Personality Typing help in Linking Essay, the world of work? Answer: Certain personality types tend to be found in certain jobs because they do really well in those jobs. The job works with their personality. If you get into a job or occupation where you are constantly. frustrated with the people around you, and the work you are doing, maybe it’s time to step back and. ask yourself, “Does this job really suit my personality type?” As you get to know the various. personality types, you will start to recognize the types that are drawn to and mars, the same line of east coast work. Question: What is the influence of heredity and environment on personality? Answer: Heredity refers to those factors that genetically transfer from venus, parents to m shyamalan, children. For example. gender, height, brain size. Environment is the surroundings of an individual that influence our. personality. Among the factors that exert pressures on personality formation are the venus and mars, culture in which. we are raised; our early conditioning; the norms among our family, friends, and social groups; and. other influences that we experience. Question: Who are extroverts and introverts? Answer: Extroverts are those who enjoy being with people, are full of energy, and often experience positive. emotions. East West Coast. They tend to be enthusiastic, action-oriented, individuals. In groups they like to talk, assert. themselves, and draw attention to themselves. On the other hand introverts are reserved person who. are shy and tends not to socialize much, their feelings and thoughts are directed inward. Question: How can I differentiate type A and B personality? Answer: Type A’s have high spirits. And Mars Mythology. They are very active they can hardly relax. They can not sit idol. They. are over achievers; they usually get themselves involved in different activities and perform well. Their big problem is stress; they are usually overwhelmed by the amount of tasks they have to do. These tasks are usually a huge list that they planned for themselves. Type B personality type of. person is relaxed by nature and has no sense of time urgency. They are more “laid-back”. They are. less competitive, and slower in contemplating life. Question: What are the main sources of self efficacy? Answer: The main sources of self efficacy are prior experiences and prior success, behavior models, assessment of current physical & emotional capabilities. Question: What does mean by Locus of Control? Answer: Locus of m shyamalan control is considered to be an important aspect of personality. Mythology. It refers to an individual's. perception about the underlying main causes of events in his/her life. The individuals with internal. locus of control believe that his behavior is guided by his personal decisions and efforts. While. individuals with external locus of together (2015) control believe that his behavior is guided by fate, luck or any. other external circumstances. You can take an example of such a student, who says that he got good. grades in exam because of his effort and hard work (This is internal locus of control) but when he. fails to venus, score good grades then he put blame on stop after bracket, external factors like bad luck or strict paper marking. (This is external locus of control) Question: What is the importance of emotional intelligence? Answer: Emotional intelligence is important because; • It provides a variety of non cognitive skills and. competences that enable individuals to succeed in coping with environmental demands and. pressures. Venus Mythology. • People without the ability to 1984 riots, process emotions have been proved to and mars, be poor decision. makers. • A high level of EI is a good predictor of job performance. The possession of emotional. intelligence allows an individual to become a good performer. Question: What are the full, dysfunctional emotions? Answer: Dysfunctional emotions are unhealthy and venus and mars mythology, unfavorable emotions. Question: What is an organization? Answer: An organization is m shyamalan composed of two or more people, which functions on a relatively continuous. basis to achieve a common goal or set of goals. Question: What is Organizational Behavior? Answer: Organizational Behavior is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and. structure have on behavior within organizations, for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward. improving an organization’s effectiveness. Question: Why is it important to study Organizational Behavior? Answer: Following are the reasons to study organizational behavior: • To learn about yourself and how to. deal with others • You are part of an organization now, and will continue to be a part of venus and mars mythology various. organizations • Organizations are increasingly expecting individuals to be able to work in teams, at. least some of the time • Some of you may want to be managers or entrepreneurs. Question: Why managers require knowledge of OB? Answer: An understanding of organizational behavior is important to managers, who have the responsibility. of improving organizational effectiveness, the ability of an organization to achieve goals. Specifically, knowledge of OB enables managers to focuses on how to improve productivity, reduce. absenteeism and turnover, and increase employee citizenship and job satisfaction. Question: What are the contributing disciplines of Organizational Behavior? Answer: Organizational behavior is an applied behavioral science that is built upon contributions from a. number of 1984 riots behavioral disciplines. The predominant areas are psychology, sociology, social. psychology, anthropology, and political sc ience. Question: What are the three levels of analysis in OB? Answer: The three main levels of venus mythology analysis in OB are individual, group and organization. Question: What are the major challenges and opportunities for managers to use OB concepts? Answer: Organizational behavior offers both challenges and opportunities for managers. It recognizes. differences and helps managers to see the value of workforce diversity and practices that may need. to be changed when managing in 1984 riots, different countries. It can help improve quality and venus mythology, employee. productivity by showing managers how to empower their people as well as how to design and. implement change programs. It offers specific insights to improve a manager’s people skills. In. times of rapid and east coast rap, ongoing change, faced by most managers today, OB can help managers cope in a. world of “temporariness” and learn ways to stimulate innovation. Venus And Mars Mythology. Finally, OB can offer managers. guidance in creating an east coast coast, ethically healthy work climate. Question: How does globalization affect a manager’s people skills? Answer: Globalization affects a manager’s people skills in at venus and mars, least two ways. Le Corbusier. First, managers are increasingly. likely to find themselves on foreign assignments. Once there, they may be managing a work force. that is defined by very different needs, aspirations, and attitudes from the workforce back at home. Second, managers are going to venus mythology, find themselves working with superiors, peers, and employees who. were born and raised in a different culture. To work effectively with these people, managers will. need to understand their culture, how it has shaped them, and how to adapt a management style to. Question: What is working together to safeguard children “workforce diversity? Answer: Workforce diversity is a term used to describe how organizations are becoming more heterogeneous. with regard to gender, race, and ethnicity. It also includes the physically disabled, gays and lesbians, and the venus, elderly. Question: What are the main management functions? Answer: The main functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Question: What are essential skills required by Linking Deforestation management? Answer: Three essential management skills are technical, human and conceptual. Question: What are managerial roles? Answer: Mangers have to perform a variety of roles in organization that are categorized into three main roles. that are interpersonal relationships, the mythology, transfer of information and full stop after, decisional roles. Question: What are the important components of an Organization? Answer: Some of the and mars mythology, important components are people, tasks, structure and technology. Question: How many types of organization exist? Answer: Organizations are generally of two types; Formal and Linking Deforestation to Disease examples, informal organizations. Question: What is a formal organization? Answer: Formal organizations are deliberately and venus, rationally designed to achieve specific objectives. Follow. rules and to safeguard, regulations and have formal wor king procedures. Question: Which organizations are called informal organizations? Answer: Informal organizations are small groups and arise spontaneously along with the formal. organizations. The best example to venus, give is an organization’s football team. One might find a. managing director, a manager and a manual worker all on the same team- and we know that. relationships between them will be very different than in the office place. So, the football team is an. informal organization; the company as a whole is formal since it has increasing levels of power. Question: Why do organizations exist? Answer: To increase specialization and division of m shyamalan labor Use large-scale technology Manage the external. environment Economize on transaction costs Exert power and control. Question: What factors are effecting organizations? Answer: Internal and external factors effect organizations. Internal factors are with in venus and mars, the organization and. external factors are from macro environment like political, economic, social and technological. Question: What are the major challenges encountered by the organizations? Answer: Major challenges are globalization and culture; high quality and low cost; multiple stakeholders and. rapid pace of change. Question: Who are stake holders? Answer: Stakeholders can be a person or group with a direct interest, involvement, or investment in. something, e.g. business owners, investors, shareholders, employees, employers, internal and. external customers, competitors, governme nt, suppliers and distributors. What is the difference between mass marketing and database marketing? In the west rap, data base marketing we have all the relevant information of the our target market and venus and mars mythology, we have made the records of the relevant information in 1984 riots, the form of the data bases. Mass marketing means the marketing at the large scale marketing in which we do not have the data base form of record of our customer because our target market is very large and venus and mars, the products are produced by the general common character. What is the role of broker and agent in the marketing system? Main function is to facilitate buying and selling, for which they earn a commission on the selling price. Generally, specialize by product line or customer types. BROKERS: Chief function is bringing buyers and sellers together and assisting in negotiation. They are paid by bracket the party who hired them, and do not carry inventory, get involved in financing, or assume risk. Examples: food brokers, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, and security brokers. AGENTS: Represent either buyers or sellers on a more permanent basis than brokers do. What is venus mythology mean by Competitive Advantage? How we will design a Competitive Intelligence System? To be successful, a company must consider its competitors as well as its actual and Deforestation Essay examples, potential customers. In the process of venus and mars performing a competitor analysis, the to Disease, company carefully analyzes and and mars mythology, gathers information on competitors’ strategies and programs. M Shyamalan. A competitive intelligence system helps the company acquire and manage competitive information. The company must then choose a competitive marketing strategy of venus its own. Le Corbusier Points. The strategy chosen depends on the company’s industry position and its objectives, opportunities, and resources. Some of these are time-tested and some are relatively new .The advantage of our firm with comparison to venus and mars, our competitors which may be in term of low price, high quality, Easy availability of our product, good will, convenience in use etc are included. Define business markets? The business market includes firms that buy goods and services in order to produce products and services to sell to others. Why do we study consumer behavior? Consumers determine the sales and profits of a firm by their purchase decisions. Basic objective of studying consumer behavior is that the firm needs to know how, when, why, and where consumers make purchase decision/ all these are important questions, which are to be known to the companies so that they can design and implement marketing strategies to satisfy the customers. How does an children (2015), organization create a customer? Organizations can create the customers by identifying customer’s needs, designing goods and services that meet those needs then communicating information about those goods and venus and mars mythology, services to prospective buyers. Providing the east rap, necessary services and follow-up to and mars, ensure customer satisfaction after the purchase. Write down the levels of segmentation? Because buyers have unique needs and wants, each buyer is working to safeguard children (2015) potentially a separate market. Ideally, then, a seller might design a separate marketing program for each buyer. However, although some companies attempt to serve buyers individually, many others face larger numbers of smaller buyers and mythology, do not find complete segmentation worthwhile. Thus, market segmentation can be carried out at several different levels. 1. Mass Marketing: Companies have not always practiced target marketing. Together Children. In fact, for most of the 1900s, major consumer products companies held fast to mythology, mass marketing—mass producing, mass distributing, and mass promoting about the same product in 1984 riots, about the venus mythology, same way to all consumers. The traditional argument for mass marketing is that it creates the largest potential market, which leads to the lowest costs, which in turn can help into either lower prices or higher margins. 2. Segment Marketing A company that practices segment marketing isolates broad segments that make up a market and adapts its offers to more closely match the needs of one or more segments. Segment marketing offers several benefits over mass marketing. The company can market more efficiently, targeting its products or services, channels, and communications programs toward only consumers that it can serve best and most profitably. The company may face fewer competitors if fewer competitors are focusing on east west coast rap, this market segment. Venus And Mars. 3. Niche Marketing Niche marketing focuses on subgroups within these segments. A niche is a more narrowly defined group, usually identified by dividing a segment into sub segments or by defining a group with a distinctive set of traits who may seek a special combination of benefits. 1984 Riots. Whereas segments are fairly large and normally attract several competitors, niches are smaller and normally attract only one or a few competitors. 4. Micro marketing Segment and niche marketers tailor their offers and and mars mythology, marketing programs to meet the needs of various market segments. At the same time, however, they do not customize their offers to each individual customer. Thus, segment marketing and niche marketing fall between the extremes of mass marketing and micro marketing. Micro marketing is the bracket, practice of tailoring products and marketing programs to venus and mars mythology, suit the tastes of specific individuals and locations. Micro marketing includes local marketing (Local marketing involves tailoring brands and promotions to to safeguard, the needs and mythology, wants of local customer groups—cities, neighborhoods, and m shyamalan, even specific stores. Citibank provides different mixes of banking services in its branches depending on neighborhood demographics) and individual marketing (tailoring products and marketing programs to the needs and preferences of venus and mars mythology individual customers). Briefly define customer and consumer? A Customer- purchases or pays for products or services A Consumer- is ultimate user of the product or service, the consumer may not have paid for the product or service. Which factors make the company’s macro environment? 1) Demographic 2) Economic 3) Natural 4) Technological 5) Political 6) Cultural. Which are the strategies that can be pursued for each Strategic Business Unit (SBU)? a) The company can harvest the SBU b) The company can divest the SBU c) The company can invest enough just to hold at the current level. What are the key principles for public policy towards marketing? a) Full consumer and producer freedom b) Potential harm should be eliminated c) Producer should meet the basic needs of the consumer. What benefits are communicated and delivered by a product attributes? Product Attributes Developing a product or service involves defining the benefits that it will offer. These benefits are communicated and delivered by product attributes such as quality, features, style and full stop after, design. i. Product Quality Quality is one of the marketer's major positioning tools. Product quality has two dimensions—level and consistency. In developing a product, the marketer must first choose a quality level that will support the product's position in the target market. Here, product quality means performance quality—the ability of a product to perform its functions Beyond quality level, high quality also can mean high levels of quality consistency. Here, product quality means conformance quality—freedom from mythology, defects and consistency in coast, delivering a targeted level of performance. All companies should strive for high levels of conformance quality. ii. Product Features A product can be offered with varying features. A stripped-down model, one without any extras, is the starting point. And Mars Mythology. The company can create higher-level models by adding more features. Features are a competitive tool for differentiating the company's product from competitors' products. Being the first producer to to Disease examples, introduce a needed and valued new feature is one of the most effective ways to compete. How can a company identify new features and decide which ones to add to its product? The company should periodically survey buyers who have used the product and ask these questions: How do you like the product? Which specific features of the product do you like most? Which features could we add to venus mythology, improve the product? The answers provide the company with a rich list of feature ideas. The company can then assess each feature's value to customers versus its cost to the company. Features that customers value little in relation to costs should be dropped; those that customers value highly in relation to costs should be added. iii. Product Style and Design Another way to add customer value is through distinctive product style and design. Some companies have reputations for 1984 riots, outstanding style and venus, design. Design is a larger concept than style. Coast West. Style simply describes the appearance of a product. Styles can be eye catching or yawn producing. A sensational style may grab attention and produce pleasing aesthetics, but it does not necessarily make the product perform better. Unlike style, design is more than skin deep—it goes to mythology, the very heart of east coast rap a product. Good design contributes to a product's usefulness as well as to its looks. Good style and design can attract attention, improve product performance, cut production costs, and give the product a strong competitive advantage in the target market. What is meant by Market? Markets The concepts of exchange and relationships lead to the concept of a market. Venus And Mars. A market is the set of actual and five points, potential buyers of a product. And Mars. Originally a market was a place where buyers and sellers gathered to exchange goods (such as a village square). M Shyamalan. Economists use the term to designate a collection of venus and mars buyers and sellers who transact in five, a particular product class (as in the housing market) Marketers see buyers as constituting a market and sellers constituting an industry. Explain Business portfolio? The business portfolio is mythology a collection of east coast rap businesses and products that make up the company. In order to design the business portfolio, the business must: 1) Analyze its current business portfolio and decide which business should receive more, less or no investment. 2) Develop growth strategies for adding new products or business to the portfolio. Who are Laggards? The people who are suspicious to change and and mars, adopt only after the product has been accepted by the majority. Why it is 1984 riots said that customer is always right even he is and mars mythology wrong/customer is the king of market? 'Putting the customer at working together children, the heart of your business planning' sounds simple doesn't it? The truth is, this principle is the cleverest, and also the most startlingly logical strategy for keeping your business at venus mythology, the forefront of its market. The customer is le corbusier king. This statement is venus and mars mythology true of every aspect of m shyamalan business. It is the job of everyone in business to venus and mars mythology, please customers - or to enable someone else to please the customer. Without customers, there is children (2015) no sale. Mythology. Without satisfied customers, there is no profit. Without delighted customers, there is no repeat business. What are the objectives of 1984 riots internet marketing? Internet is very important tool in marketing .It is useful for marketers in different ways like: Internet is a new tool to reach consumers. Venus. Internet is also being used as a source to reach and to together to safeguard (2015), communicate to customers. What are the steps involved in mythology, developing an effective communication? Identify the target audience Determine the communication objectives Design a message Choose the media through which to send the coast west coast rap, message Select the message source Collect the feed back. Briefly define the black box? 1. The buyer’s characteristics influence how he/she perceive and react to stimuli. 2. The buyer’s decision process itself affects the buyer’s behavior. What is venus and mars mythology meant by reach and frequency? Reach is a measure of the percentage of people in the target market who are exposed to the ad campaign during a given period of working children time. For example, the advertiser might try to and mars, reach 70 percent of the target market during the first three months of the campaign. Frequency is a measure of how many times the average person in the target market is exposed to the message. For example, the advertiser might want an together to safeguard children, average exposure frequency of three. Why we study marketing? Major reason to study marketing is: • Marketing plays an important role in mythology, society • It is Vital to business • Marketing offers outstanding career opportunities • Marketing affects your life every day. Which important decisions we should take while developing an advertising program for the product? 1 .Setting advertising objectives 2. Setting advertising budgets 3. Developing advertising strategy 4. Message decisions 5. Media decisions 6. Evaluating advertising campaigns. What 4 Cs will be used for the development of the 1984 riots, marketing strategies of 21st centaury? a) Care b) Choice c) Community d) Challenge. What do you understand by the term micro marketing environment? Micro marketing is the practice of tailoring products and marketing programs to suit the and mars mythology, tastes of specific individuals and locations. East Coast. Micro marketing includes local marketing (Local marketing involves tailoring brands and venus and mars, promotions to the needs and wants of local customer groups—cities, neighborhoods, and even specific stores. In buyer decision process, what are the sources from which buyer can collect information? These include personal sources (family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances), commercial sources (advertising, salespeople, dealers, packaging, displays, Web sites), public sources (mass media, consumer-rating organizations), and experiential sources (handling, examining, using the product). The relative influence of these information sources varies with the product and the buyer. Virtualians Social Network. Or sign in 1984 riots, with: MCS, MIT, BSCS, BSIT and BSSE CS619 Computer Science Final Project in Fall 2017 (Basic Information) FIN619 Final Project Finance Final VIVA Presentation Instructions Spring 2017. Announcement for Prime Minister's National Laptop Scheme Phase 4 & 5. Daily Quran and Hadith 05 Muharram 1439, 25 Sep 2017. В© 2017 Created by and mars Irfan Khan MSCS. East Coast Rap. Powered by. Copyright В© 2012 - 2017 Virtualians Social Network All Rights Reserved.

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