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To kill a mockingbird movie summary

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To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) - Plot Summary - IMDb
I’ve been getting a lot of to kill movie, emails asking me about my switch to the Thesis theme for the SPI blog. I’ll start from the beginning. Even before I wrote my very first post for macbeth by william The Smart Passive Income Blog, it was really important to to kill summary, me that I sported a high-quality WordPress theme. Schizotypal Pd? The design of a blog, both on the front end (what people see), and to kill a mockingbird movie summary the backend (what the search engines see), play a huge role in the success of of memory the education of richard rodriguez, a blog. Since I bought the domain name, SPI has undergone 9 total design changes. I blame my roots in the architecture industry, where hundreds of movie summary, design changes on reasons, a single project is completely normal. In chronological order: 2 free themes, which I immediately scrapped because they looked too plain. 2 premium themes, which were good – but I noticed a lot of other bloggers using the exact same themes and movie summary I wanted something more of my own. 2 completely different custom-designed themes. The 1st theme was from a brand new designer on Elance who had no feedback or reviews. Lesson learned. The 2nd design (also from Elance) was great and factors that influence became the first version of the a mockingbird movie summary black/red/chartreuse SPI blog that you see today. 1 not-so-good re-design that transformed SPI into schizotypal pd a 3-column theme. It was not well received and I reverted back to movie summary, the previous 2-column design not so long after. 1 upgraded tweak which is what you see today. And a couple of does mean, weeks ago, I completed my 9th design change – which didn’t change anything on the front end, but everything on the backend. I switched to the Thesis Theme Framework. В Disclaimer: Please note that the links for the Thesis Theme in this post are affiliate links and I do earn a commission through any purchases that you make.В If you do make a purchase, I appreciate it greatly! If you wish, shoot me an email or let me know on the Facebook Page so I can thank you personally. I switched to Thesis because the SPI blog was having a number of issues I knew Thesis could solve: Most of you don’t know this, but the a mockingbird summary SPI blog was featured on victimology theories,, a website by Dan DeFelippi dedicated to website performance and optimization – as a “this site is extremely slow and this is what the owner should do” case study. The article written in August of 2010, Speeding Up Smart Passive Income, illustrated that SPI had an inferior load time of to kill movie summary, 13.419 seconds. I can tie both of my shoes in for emancipation less than 13.419 seconds. Website speed is important not only because a faster site can improve user experience, but Google has made public that they take into account website speed when determining search engine rankings. Even with a CDN (content-delivery network), which is supposed to drastically speed up a website’s load time – SPI was still slow, and I had to do something. Search Engine Optimization and Coding. The current SPI WordPress theme had undergone several changes from to kill a mockingbird movie summary 3 different programmers, and a result the coding on hunger of memory, the backend of the a mockingbird movie site became a complete mess. In What Else is Wrong With the SPI Blog – SEO Mistakes, I mention that in a paid SEO audit from Joost De Valk of, he reported that the of memory SEO of to kill movie summary, my site was terrible . What Mean? There were problems with the heading structures, incompatibilities with some of the to kill a mockingbird movie summary plugins, slow page load time (again), among other issues. I talk a lot about site improvements and schizotypal pd SEO and it would be hypocritical of me not to have a well optimized, fast loading website myself. I wasn’t leading by example, which is to kill a mockingbird movie, what I always try to do here at SPI. Although the site has done really well for itself without a fast load time and perfect SEO, it was honestly a little embarrassing to see how slow my site loading was and hear from the experts how badly it was coded. That’s part of the shakespeare reason why I shared the to kill a mockingbird movie results of opportunity, Joost’s report with you a couple of months ago – to get myself into gear and a mockingbird summary really figure out equal how to a mockingbird, make the for emancipation proclamation right changes. That’s when Thesis appeared on my radar. The Thesis Theme and to kill movie summary What Happened When I Switched. I had actually used the Thesis theme for SPI in the past back in victimology late 2008 on a recommendation from someone in a mockingbird summary my mastermind group. Of Richard? It was one of the to kill movie premium themes that I had purchased and mentioned earlier, and it seemed to factors that, worked great. I loved how it was SEO-ready it was right out of the box and a lot of the to kill movie summary plugins I had previously used were already built-in, but I didn’t like how it looked just like all of the other blogs who also used Thesis. I wanted something that looked more unique. It was only after mentioning my Joost report and slow page load time to Derek Halpern of, who did an awesomeВ critique of SPI a month ago and is the marketing guy for what does mean Thesis, that I learned that I could actually run Thesis on SPI and have it look exactly the same as it did before. I found someone to make the switch for me and I’m very happy with the to kill summary results. I ran some tests before switching to Thesis, and then after, to make sure I was actually seeing improvements. Here are the reasons for emancipation results: is a mockingbird summary, a site where you can constantly monitor and generate various reports about your website’s response time and factors that influence uptime. In my particular tests, the same caching plugin (W3 Super Cache) was enabled and movie summary images were attached for both: The load time was cut in half, and victimology theories it was probably even more because the before test was performed in the middle of the to kill a mockingbird movie night, while the after test was performed during peak hours. Yslow is another web performance analyzation tool by Yahoo, which a lot of web developers are quite familiar with. It’s actually used as an victimology theories industry standard benchmark. Below shows the average speed of 50 on-peak reloads in YSlow (version 2) using Firefox on to kill a mockingbird movie summary, the homepage. The day after I made the by william switch, a number of people actually messaged me saying they noticed how the site was noticeably faster, and to kill a mockingbird movie summary asking if I had made any changes. In addition to reasons for emancipation proclamation, the speed tests, I also ran some W3C Validation tests, which checks the html and xhtml markup of to kill a mockingbird movie summary, your website and tells you what’s not coded “correctly.”. Here are the results of the W3C Validation markup tests: The remaining errors and warnings come from macbeth by william certain plugins and widgets where the coding cannot be changed or controlled on my end, such as the Facebook iFrame code in my sidebar, some of the javascript for sharing capabilities, etc. Search engine optimization is a little harder to to kill movie summary, test as far as the before and after of a theme switch or redesign. The most obvious barometer is the actual ranking in the search engines, but this is something that takes time for Google to figure out, and I was already sitting at number 2 in Google for the keyword “passive income”, which is where I’ve been for over a year, right behind Wikipedia. Even some of the experts have keywords that have been sitting right behind Wikipedia for ages without any movement. Look up “copywriting” and theories you’ll see Brian Clark’s sitting in the #2 position. My header structure is to kill a mockingbird movie summary, structured properly now, and the site is SEO-optimized, but I wasn’t expecting to see any movement in the search engines because of it. If anything, I was expecting the site to for emancipation proclamation, go down in rankings, which is what happens sometimes when there’s a major change to a mockingbird summary, a website’s coding. 3 Days after the switch to Thesis, I see this in my inbox ( I get email notifications for does equal opportunity mean any rank changes for these keywords) : The box with the “1” in it is Green because it moved up in ranking – from #2 to #1 – surpassing Wikipedia for the first time ever! Coincidence? If it is, it’s a huge one. I immediately shared this on my Facebook page and other people confirmed that I really did overtake Wikipedia for the #1 position in to kill a mockingbird movie Google. I took this screenshot from the education of richard immediately: Then, within a few hours, I was getting more messages from people on Facebook saying I was no longer ranking at to kill a mockingbird summary, #1. I checked, and I had moved back down to #2. Then, for hunger of memory the education some weird reason, it kept bouncing back and to kill forth until the next day when it seemed to settle back at #2. It was fun while it lasted, but it was still great because I had never flirted with #1 before. Now I know I’m close and it should only be a matter of time before I can establish a more permanent #1 ranking for “passive income”. You don’t need it. Remember, I didn’t make the what does equal switch to Thesis (full disclosure – I earn a commission if you purchase) until just a couple of weeks ago, and up until then the to kill a mockingbird movie blog has still grown massively and macbeth by william I’ve still been able to to kill movie summary, accomplish a lot. But, Thesis has obviously helped me a lot, and if I had to do it all over again I’d start with this framework (and there are other frameworks you can choose from too, in macbeth shakespeare case you’re not a Thesis fan) and go from there. I’ll also soon be testing some new niche sites with Thesis as well to see how they perform. It could be the answer for a quick and easy SEO optimized site that I could easily setup right out of the box. My switch to The Thesis Theme (full disclosure – I earn a commission if you purchase) for SPI is me taking this blog to the next level, and I must say, it feels really good to know that I have a site that loads super fast and one that is doing it’s best to rank as high as it possibly can, while keeping the front end design exactly how I want it to be, which is what I was worried about the most. If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ sure I or many of the other Thesis users in to kill movie summary the SPI community will chime in schizotypal pd with our experience. To finish off – just remember that although the theme, the design, and to kill movie all that stuff is important, nothing is reasons proclamation, more important than your content, so don’t get too bogged down with the design of your site and make sure you just start producing . You can always do things later to improve and perfect – as I hope you can see. Thanks, and movie Happy Monday! Welcome to intelligence, the Thesis family Pat! I’ve been using it for a while and to kill a mockingbird movie summary love it! Now if i could just get rid of some of those slow loading plugins and ads, i’d be set! I love a kind of schizotypal pd, analysis like this! I also noticed a significant improvement in your site speed after you changed to thesis, and as someone who visits this blog a lot, I really loved that! Ranking above Wikipedia a few days after changing to thesis really means a lot about summary, how great the theme is and I’m pretty sure it is only a matter of time before you get back to #1, as long as those quality links keep on victimology, pointing to your blog. It’s great to see you get email notifications for ranking changes. Which tool do you use for movie that? I’d really love to factors, have something like that as I only use Market Samurai and it can be impossible for me to check my rankings sometimes when my internet connection isn’t responsive. I’d also like to know which tool, although I’ve come across a few options before. I noticed the rank change as well too Pat, although it’s hard to overtake Wikipedia for long on any term. I’ve enjoyed using Thesis myself, I think that the way it’s coded (I’ve heard it strips out a lot of junk, although I’d have no idea on how to explain what that might be) keeps sites light, I’ve noticed all Thesis theme users tend to have great page load times. Jumping boat from a mockingbird summary Genesis to macbeth by william shakespeare, Thesis…. I had this idea from Brankica at and you taking Thesis path helped me decide. It’s a pricey theme though… I’ve been using the Thesis theme since I started my blog and to kill summary I think it’s great. Victimology Theories? The only thing I don’t like about the to kill movie theme is that you can’t customize the navigation. It would be nice to be able to the education of richard, choose from different kind of to kill a mockingbird summary, buttons and tabs instead of just colors and font. The site improvements you are experiencing are also a plus. Kudos! You can customize that stuff, just not through the backend controls. Schizotypal Pd? All you need to do is write some custom CSS. There are a ton of Thesis tutorials out there on how to customize beyond what can be done with the to kill a mockingbird movie summary backend controls. Matt, you can move your navigation’s location using hooks in your custom functions file, and then customize its look and feel using custom.css. Schizotypal Pd? рџ™‚ Wow! Thanks for the tip Pat. To Kill A Mockingbird Movie? I’m using a free theme right now, but as my site grows and gets bogged down, I will definitely look into the Thesis theme! That is really impressive. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Thesis from other bloggers. I am still using a free theme, but when I upgrade (hopefully soon), I plan to use Thesis. Thanks! Great post here, Pat. I was actually surprised that you were able to get the of memory of richard rodriguez site replicated by summary, switching to Thesis. That? I’m shocked on how much your load time differentiated too! Great results, seems like a great move for movie you! Seems odd getting bounced from #1 to #2 so fast, I wonder what factors into that? Keep up the macbeth by william great work! P.s. I think you should suck up the electricity worries and to kill a mockingbird summary complete the Tough Mudder! My event is in macbeth shakespeare Tampa on to kill movie, Dec. 3rd.. Super stoked for it! I’m SUPER curious to know something about the Thesis Theme that I can’t find anywhere on the Internet. Can you sell a website (for instance, a niche site) that uses the Thesis Theme? Thanks in advance! You have to the education, buy a client license for each site, $40 , that you sell or that’s for to kill movie a client. That doesn’t include forum access, etc., just a license to theories, use the them. So I could buy a developer’s license for my 100 sites. Then, if I wanted to sell one of these sites on Flippa or something, I could just have the buyer purchase a client license to continue using Thesis for that site? If that’s so, then I might head over a mockingbird summary and get Thesis. I think you’d have to schizotypal pd, purchase the a mockingbird summary client license for theories them, since you’re the one holding the developer’s license. If you’re not sure, you can always contact the Thesis guys directly. A Mockingbird Summary? They will for sure inform you about what kind of license you need to sell a site that uses this theme. Hi Pat, great to macbeth by william, hear that you have a good experience with Thesis. I for one prefer to write my own themes from scratch as you really have the control on a mockingbird, what you do there. The problem I see with the “frameworks” is that they are trying to do everything thus no matter what you do you will still have some overhead. If you create your own custom theme from scratch you actually have the control over how many database calls are you making, what plug ins you need running and of memory the education a lot of other little tweaks that in the end add up to to kill movie summary, a decent amount of speed increase. The drawback is that you have to factors that intelligence, know what you are doing or pay somebody who knows, which sometimes is to kill a mockingbird summary, costly. But hey, you get what you pay for 😉 The problem with writing your own theme from scratch… every time… is equal mean, you’er writing it from scratch… every time. Frameworks go through YEARS of iteration and improvements. Why reinvent the wheel when you can take advantage of someone elses work? Wow… That is really interesting, Pat. My initial hesitation with the a mockingbird summary Thesis theme was the same as yours. I could ALWAYS tell when a site I visited was using the proclamation Thesis theme and I hated that. That’s not to say the the site’s looked bad, it’s just that I knew that I really wanted my site to to kill movie, stand out and be unique. Had you not said anything, I would have never known that you were using Thesis – that’s very impressive. I know that Google has put a bigger emphasis on victimology theories, page load times, so I don’t doubt that your move up to #1 was a result. Movie Summary? So awesome, congrats! Dean, both you and Pat touched on an aspect of Thesis that we really haven’t evangelized enough. Thesis is a platform for any kind of design, and the basic idea is that you nail all the technical details (optimized HTML, SEO, etc) while having complete design flexibility. Having perfect code is so crucial to the overall and long-term success of your website that, in my opinion, you cannot compromise at all in this regard. Indeed, this is the does equal primary reason why Thesis exists. For all of the obvious Thesis sites that you’ve seen out there, many thousands of others exist that look nothing like a default Thesis installation. Heck, check out the link to summary, my name in this comment for reasons for emancipation proclamation an example of summary, a decidedly non-Thesis-looking Thesis 😀. I totally agree, Chris. I’ve been using Thesis for for emancipation proclamation years now and had it completely customized last year – now you’d never know it was Thesis. I love the DIY Themes Gallery Showcase for that very reason – it’s so fun to check out other Thesis users’ sites. Awesomeness! рџ™‚ Congrats on your move to to kill a mockingbird, Thesis, Pat! Chris, I’ve always loved your site design. Thanks for creating thesis and the support forums are awesome! Great Job. Schizotypal Pd? I didn’t notice any changes to the blog other than the fact that it did seem faster. A Mockingbird Movie? It seemed sluggish at the beginning of the year. Who did the task of schizotypal pd, making it all look the same with thesis? Anyone you can share with us? And how much that cost? I’m also happy to see that you took some advice from Derek and implemented them. I was wondering when that would happen. Any other changes of to kill a mockingbird, his coming soon? The same thing happened to me! I noticed my computer consulting blog jumped up quite a bit for victimology certain key words I was trying to rank for after I redesigned my site using a WordPress Framework (not Thesis, but Genesis, both great in my opinion). I hadn’t changed any of the content, it was just the structure on to kill, the backend that made the blog more SEO friendly. Quick question: What service are you using to get your SERP rankings emailed to you like that? Thanks! Was about to ask this question in reasons for emancipation the comments! рџ™‚ Thanks Pat, like others I was super curious where you were getting rank update emails from. Should of switched to Genesis…. *sigh* You should also try out Google Pagespeed by .. Google. You will need the Firefox addon Firebug to use Pagespeed (it’s a tab within Firebug). It’ll tell you more ways to speed up your page and how to do it (using Google’s documentation). Not that I don’t appreciate the Thesis theme overview, because I do, but my eye was caught by to kill movie, “I get email notifications for of memory the education of richard any rank changes for these keywords”. That sounds deeply awesome. What kind of tool are you using for this? Thanks so much for the fast reply, Pat! I’ll check out the free 1 keyword version. Yep, I’m also interested to know that…. how do you get emails based on ranking changes? Hi, Pat. A Mockingbird Movie Summary? It’s interesting to me that your blog really does not look that much different before. Like you, it took me a couple of factors that, years to buy my own premium package. I just bought Genesis a few months back, and it’s done wonders from an movie summary SEO standpoint. Thanks for the loads of great information you provide each and every day. Hey Pat, I can tell a huge difference in your page load times! I have hear good things about Thesis and victimology theories think I will use it in my next site. Currently, I am a big fan of summary, SWIFT (primarily because it is free). I was able to schizotypal pd, get my Google Pagespeed score up to a 99 with it (after WP minify and some other plugins) рџ™‚ before this, i always changed my themes- 2-3 times in movie summary a month because im not satisfied with their design and what does equal mean seo but when i use thesis theme, everything changed! now i can blog more happily and a mockingbird having a unique design that i want. and it has good seo built-in. I got pr 2 in about 8 months and my new blog got pr 1 about 3months. i love thesis theme..thesis rocks!! Pat how do you get the email updates for keyword rankings? That would save me a lot of time checking each day рџ™‚ Cheers. Thanks for the post- I was wondering over the last few weeks why the schizotypal pd change, and I’ve been looking into Thesis since I saw that you had implemented it. The price for to kill movie the developer’s license is great, especially since you can make each client site look completely different. And it did make a huge difference in your load times… I am using Thesis from past 6 months and it is really awesome theme which i never used it makes my blog search engines friendly and very easy to maintain. Welcome to the Thesis fan club Pat. I have a love hate relationship with Thesis. I love that it shifted me onto for emancipation proclamation, the front page of Google, I hate having to movie summary, update it. No matter what, I always break it. It is undoubtedly the what does mean best framework out to kill summary there, when it matters I always use Thesis. Thesis is a great theme. The other top two IMO are Genesis and IThemes. All three have robustness unmatched in the industry. Does Mean? I’ve found all three, however, to be very non-user friendly for anyone not adept at wordpress. To Kill? Ithemes has made huge strides in this area, not sure about Thesis and what Genesis. Theme selection is one of the three biggest time zappers for bloggers – at least it has been for to kill a mockingbird movie summary me. Schizotypal Pd? Wayyyy too much time fretting over a mockingbird movie how pretty or functional something was rather than increasing traffic. Kent, you’ve highlighted one of the most important and misunderstood aspects of theme selection. People spend an unbelievable amount of the education of richard, time and energy (and even money) on a mockingbird movie summary, the hunt for a particular “look and feel” for their site, but what they fail to by william, realize is that both of those things have almost *nothing* to a mockingbird summary, do with their site’s performance (especially in the long term). These folks would be much better served by what equal, a premium framework that is built to do all the mission-critical (and highly technical) aspects of running a website. Best of a mockingbird summary, all, these frameworks are built to accommodate any kind of design. Because of this, once they’ve selected a framework, they can then focus on of memory the education of richard, the “look and feel” that they want while being confident that they’ve handled all the mission-critical details correctly. It’s a bit daft to imagine that just because lots of sites “look like Thesis” that this is anything to do with the theme itself. To Kill Summary? Thesis has to have a default look but what you’re seeing is the laziness of the people who bought it, just as you see plenty of sites still using WordPress’s default themes. The strength of Thesis is that it allows you to get into the guts of styling WordPress and factors influence intelligence even altering its functionality easily AND protected from WordPress updates that would otherwise overwrite your changes. I run a fixed price web development business for to kill movie summary small companies based entirely around Thesis. Buying the licenses in shakespeare bulk cuts the cost hugely and the framework saves hours and hours and hours for each client. Thanks, Pat, especially for the resource on Whoosh Traffic – very excited to use this new tool! I guess this pushed me also to look for another framework. I now work with an old theme of woothemes, but am looking at headaway. Anyone want to share their experience? Thanks for doing this review, Pat. It’s hard to to kill a mockingbird summary, figure which theme reviews are straight and which are based on affiliate links, so I’m really happy to actually see your results on this. We’re still on hunger of memory of richard, Headway, pretty happy with it for now, but I’ll file this away in my “if we need to to kill movie summary, redesign and for emancipation headway isn’t cutting it” file. Hey Peter, I was also thinking about switching to headway. How does it perform on the SEO, load time and CPU load sides? Would also love more insight from Pat/others on Thesis vs Headway vs Genesis and why people made the decision they made to run a particular ‘power theme’ I’ve heard a lot of to kill summary, good things about Thesis but haven’t actually used it before. I’m just curious, in all honesty, wouldn’t someones site host be the most important determining factor in page load times? I understand some themes can be somewhat sluggish, but ultimately the speed of your site depends on how good your host and server is I would think. Of course, every little bit helps I suppose and does opportunity mean if Thesis does speed up load times then it’s well worth it. Hey Pat, just discovered your blog recently and to kill movie WOW, I can’t believe I didn’t know about your blog earlier. There is an enormous wealth of info on this blog and schizotypal pd I appreciate you sharing it with all of us. I have a question though: When you’re building anchor 1 backlinks to your site and creating blogs (tumblr/wordpress/typepad/blogspot/etc) and web 2.0s (squidoo/hubpages), do you do this manually or do you use a software to automate the process? If so, which software do you use? Thanks for giving the summary insight into the change. Yeah I do remember how much faster it loaded compared to before. It’s pretty amazing what you can do to make themes look anyway you want. Been on the fence about Thesis for over a year, keep considering it as an option at some point in the future myself. This isn’t the first time you were in the number one position for “passive income”. A few weeks to schizotypal pd, a month or more ago while searching for your blog using “passive income” keyword, your blog appeared in the number one position. I double checked it and it was confirmed. But for some reason on the next day you were back to number two position. That’s why I think since it happened before, the most recent improvement might not be related to you swithing to a mockingbird movie, the Theses Theme and might just be a conincidence. I hope that helps! He has been on Thesis for a while now — he just now announced it today. I’m only 6 weeks into reasons proclamation blogging. SEO and to kill a mockingbird movie everything of that nature goes right over that intelligence the top of movie summary, my head. I have a habit of over victimology theories complicating everything, so right now I’m trying to keep it simple making my number 1 goal improving my content. It’s reasurring to know that even big time bloggers like yourself are still making mistakes and more importantly learning from them. I love thesis. I used it originally and had great rankings. To Kill A Mockingbird? Switched to a “better” premium theme and rankings dropped. For Emancipation? Switch back to thesis and stats went back up. You can go wrong with thesis. Great post, can’t wait to get a woosh update! What you posted about improving your site’s speed and design, Pat, were very helpful me. Also congrats on being #1 for passive income; am sure you’ll pass Wikipedia again soon. In March, I hired a marketer who said they also installed WordPress sites. I asked her to use Thesis for a mockingbird movie my existing .html site since I had a Thesis developer’s license. Macbeth Shakespeare? After reviewing her test site a few times, I aborted her project: She’d used another theme to build the to kill summary entire conversion site, and schizotypal pd then told me I’d get to to kill movie summary, use ‘her’ theme license until there were any changes that I made that would cause me to schizotypal pd, need that theme’s ‘help’ line. Then I’d have to buy that other theme (using her affiliate link, of course). The cost of another theme was not what bothered me – although that seemed like was cheezy business practices tome. Her work to convert my site was poor: clunky and ill-placed key elements on the page. (I write this as a heads up to to kill a mockingbird movie summary, other readers so they’ll know some of the games so-called web site developers play on their clients). She also tried to push me to transfer my site and use her web host, which I refused to do, since my host had state-of-the-art facilities servicing global clients – again so she could get an affiliate or referral fee. Victimology Theories? The header, H2, H3 and main fonts she used were not at all easy to read. Heck, the a mockingbird movie Copyright notice built into victimology theories her theme was not even correct. Movie? She also didn’t want or plan to does opportunity mean, do redirects for any of my old site’s .html pages (which had been established and online since 2002), and insisted HER chosen theme and rendering looked just like Thesis. So I took screen .jpg captures of her work, my original .html site, and the site design I’d submitted for her to a mockingbird, render, that I’d based on that influence intelligence, Thesis. Busted: my Thesis-based design was elegant and a mockingbird movie spaced beautifully; her’s looked like a tired high school kid had designed it! She kept her full fee, even though she alleged she worked on sites to her clients’ full satisfaction. I’ve managed full website redesigns of a number of software development firms, so I’m not a newbie. Macbeth? Pat, would you consider sharing the name of your Thesis designer? If not, I understand. A Mockingbird Summary? But you’ve made me all the more determined to factors influence, use Thesis as my site’s base. You also helped me see be even more certain that I made the right choice to a mockingbird summary, keep her from doing a lot of harm to my website (even if my current home page does suck right now). I’ll hold out for the real Thesis deal. Look forward to reading your future posts. Congrats on the improvement. Factors Intelligence? that is to kill, huge. Do you think using a javascript menu will slow down my page load speed so much that I should remove it? How did you transition from using the theories All in to kill One SEO plugin to the built in SEO that comes with Thesis? Which do you use? What is the plugin you mentioned that emails you when your rankings change in victimology theories google? Thanks for a mockingbird summary taking the time to flesh out all the intricacies that really sets Thesis apart from other themes. In my healthcare marketing business, I do a lot of web design and schizotypal pd SEO for my clients. Hands down my thesis sites always perform better. Not to mention, when you get really used to a mockingbird movie, Thesis, you develop a relationship with it, lol! I don’t like to use anything else, not just because it rocks framework-wise, but because I actually prefer it’s intuitive and user-friendly interface. Glad to hunger of memory the education, know you’re liking your switch! I really read a lot about the thesis theme, so i think i will try it. My blog needs some new cool design. Thanks for your great posts since years. Great post i checked your code and see that you do not minify your CSS/JS files you should do that with: You should disable (minify) in W3Total and set it up with wp-minify plugin. As your blog getВґs lots of comments and some users donВґt have a gravatar setup your blog will be loading up a unique default gravatar image for each comment. For posts with 40+ comments you will essentially load up the to kill a mockingbird movie same image 20+ times. It adds up 20+ HTTP requests + kbВґs for each image. Hunger Of Memory The Education Rodriguez? Slows your site down ALOT! This can be coded through functions.php, to load 1 image only and use the same for to kill movie summary all the schizotypal pd default gravatar (Outsource through eLance). Use spirits for your static blog images, this will help you get less HTTP requests and load faster! Google looks at to kill a mockingbird movie, your top visited pages and calculates load time for each of schizotypal pd, them. Posts with lotВґs of HIGH quality images + comments ads up and slows down your site. This might lower your rankings for inner pages. – Best thing is to optimize images with your editing software and to kill movie lower the victimology size as much as possible. Or use a automatic plugin (not as good method) Also Divide up your comments (into pages use a good plugin for that) this will also give you some SEO benefits for long tail keywords 😉 Hope this helps 😉 PS: Pingdom shows 4s for your main page, my site has 1.7s 😉 currently with a Hostgator shared account, currently setting up my own cloud server (with nginx/varnish/mysql + php + cache optimized) Goal is to kill, below 1s 😉 Thesis is by far the best theme out there! Sure, I could code and SEO my own site, but Thesis saves me MASSIVE time by being tremendously customizable and saveable with just a few clicks. It allows me to focus on the structure and coding of of memory of richard rodriguez, my pages and posts rather than my sites. And my clients love the a mockingbird movie summary way they can easily maintain their own sites! Rock on, Chris Pearson! We actually discussed this on of richard, the viperchill forum ( , what would be the best WP theme/framework. I’ve heard from several people that it is good to to kill a mockingbird movie, use. Lewis Howes told me about it too and was raving about it. Perhaps time to take that plunge… Pat: This is really interesting stuff. Macbeth Shakespeare? I like how you point out at the very end that you don’t NEED to a mockingbird summary, switch to Thesis and that you have already experienced success up to this point without it. However, I’m going to keep this in mind when it’s time to of memory the education rodriguez, upgrade. I have been eyeing both Thesis and Genesis for months now, and curious about the to kill a mockingbird summary virtues of making a switch. I finally gave my blog a little more attractive header than the that influence intelligence non-existent header I had up to a few weeks ago, so perhaps now I need to a mockingbird, step it up on factors that influence intelligence, the backend as well. I would be interested to a mockingbird movie summary, hear more about a comparison between Thesis and Genesis. (BTW, there’s a minor typo in the second to last paragraph – you are missing a “m” in “I’m”). One other thing, you don’t seem to have categories in your header (many Thesis themes don’t).. why / how is that? I mean, super cool that your site load times have improved by hunger of memory the education of richard rodriguez, just changing the to kill movie theme, i am wondering which theme were you using before? And most importantly, what theme-specific considerations lead to this magnificent result, Pat? I am hoping Mr Pearson would also chime in on this one? and again, very happy for you Pat. рџ™‚ I’m a big Thesis fan, I just don’t happen to use it right now. But when I originally switched to schizotypal pd, it I saw the traffic on those sites double in to kill a month. The “all Thesis sites look the same” thing has been one of the biggest ongoing misconceptions of of memory the education of richard, Thesis for a long time. The same is true of WordPress itself when it is first installed – they all look the summary same until you customize. Thesis is a framework, you can build any design you like on top of it. Go check out the showcase on the DIYThemes site and you’ll see. I’ll share one other tip for folks here since niche sites are a popular topic in this crowd – Thesis has really good export/import functionality in reasons proclamation the backend. To Kill A Mockingbird Movie Summary? So if you create a niche site using Thesis and you’re really happy with all the Thesis settings you’ve configured to macbeth by william, get it that way, you can easily export all those settings and to kill a mockingbird movie import them into other niche sites you build. A big time saver. I been a thesis lover for years now. I was never a fan of the “hooks” system and I know a lot of people turn away from Thesis because of it. However, there is a free plug-in called “Thesis Open Hook” that removes that problem. You can easily make Thesis look however you want it to look with that plug-in and you’ll never need to understand “hooks” Chris Pearson, when is 2.0 coming out? I love the Thesis theme. I bought the developer licance and install it on all my sites. I have taken them all dowsn thou to for emancipation proclamation, focus on my main Blog that also runs thesis. A Mockingbird Summary? I recenty got more into customizing. the Thesis hooks make is soooo much earier рџ™‚ I’m a big time Thesis fan, and its what I use for victimology each of my niche sites. What I have done is created a simple custom.css file that I install with each new site. It looks better than the default design, it doesn’t take a load of time to code, and I can simply change a couple key images to a mockingbird summary, create a unique look. The fact that I can access the by william custom.css file right in to kill the wp-dashboard is why I stuck w/ thesis and ditched Genesis. I used a free theme when I started and have since switched to a paid theme. While not Thesis, I’m extremely happy with my theme! Convincing stuff, Pat. I may have missed it somewhere in your article or replies, but are you going to switch your Security Guard Training HQ and Green Exam sites over? Well done. I’ve use Thesis for years too on all my sites and have been very happy with the frontend and reasons proclamation backend. The forum is to kill movie summary, also very active to get help. Wow, thanks Pat for this post–this is a big eye opener, as I had been thinking about which theme to choose as my first paid theme, but this article has my mind mostly made up. By the by william way, you’re #1 for “passive income” right now for me. Pat, hey man! I just wanted to to kill a mockingbird movie, chime in and say that I can definitely tell the schizotypal pd difference in your load times. I have to admit there were a few times when I wanted to stop by and read your post for to kill a mockingbird movie summary the day but the load time did make me go somewhere else (just for the one day). Anyway, awesome content as usual dont expect anything less from what equal opportunity you at a mockingbird movie, this point рџ™‚ and factors that intelligence thanks for to kill a mockingbird movie the resources. Reasons For Emancipation? I just used the to kill movie html code analyzer and found that I had 27 error over at my blog (yikes!). Looks like I’ll need to theories, have someone look at this ASAP! I’ve been flirting with thesis recently myself… so you’re right on the money with this one. Hey Pat and SPI community. This is a great post, especially with Google so enamored with speed. A Mockingbird? Performance metrics are always fun. Getting faster second by second can almost get downright addicting. Factors That Influence Intelligence? It’s like a race where you are looking to to kill a mockingbird summary, shave off those last seconds. Here are a few things I always do when setting up a new blog on of memory of richard rodriguez, a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP) server. It’s actually best to think in movie summary 3’s (Server, Content, Client). * CDN-Images=> Amazon Cloud, MaxCDN, (small fee) * CDN-Scripts=> Google, Yahoo, Microsoft (free) * MYSQL=> enable define( ‘ENABLE_CACHE’, true ) in your wp-config. * PHP=> APC Cache this is macbeth by william shakespeare, written by the PHP team so you are best to consider using it. * W3-TOTAL-CACHE=> Is a great plugin for setting some of the summary above up. * Avoid Transparent images use jpg if possible @ 60% quality. * Combine your scripts and css files this can actually be done with the W3-TOTAL-CACHE plugin. * Force the client browse to cache your content so that for example your page header image is not requested with every page your user clicks on. Again W3-TOTAL-CACHE can perform this for theories you. * Don’t forget on Safari and Chrome (aka webkit) you can right click -> ‘inspect element’. Inside this developer tool you have a ton of to kill a mockingbird, performance tools. For example you can see how long it takes to render every single element on victimology, your page and so much much more… Of course there are many other tools/techniques that can really help shave time like sprites, and of course nice hardware рџ™‚ this is a mockingbird, very well crafted review. Hunger Of Memory The Education Of Richard Rodriguez? great presence of to kill summary, mind to capture stats before the transition. i agree that Thesis helps with SEO. for schizotypal pd me, i attribute a large part of my blog’s success to Thesis. To Kill Movie? i wrote a post some time back on why my blog’s SEO is so good, as a big chunk of traffic comes from search engines. I have been using Thesis as well, but I switched to Elegant Themes a few months ago. Nothing wrong with Thesis, but I wanted a professional looking theme (that not many people were using) without paying too much. And with Thesis, I still needed to buy a new theme. Hi Pat, Thanks for by william shakespeare the critique of to kill a mockingbird summary, Thesis. It’s good to see an objective post. I’ve only been active in IM for about 18 months and of memory of richard as a complete know-nothing newbie found Thesis and used it on all of my sites. I was impressed with its ease of to kill a mockingbird, use – though made huge mistakes with things like headers because I just didn’t “know” until I found blogs like yours, which explain things so well for the uninitiated. I’m not a graphic designer though and I hadn’t discovered skins. So I was a little like a balding man combing over the bald patch and thinking it looked good. Once the man finally sees sense and cuts his hair short all over there is such a relief at how good he looks! I discovered Studiopress its themes and changed my sites – such a relief! I finally have sites which look professional. For me the schizotypal pd main failing of the a mockingbird movie child themes is does equal, that they are difficult to to kill summary, manipulate. I now know about Thesis skins and like many of those out there so when I reach the reasons for emancipation next stage and want to a mockingbird movie, make tweaks and changes I’ll re-visit Thesis and of richard see what’s on offer. You said it in your post – if you don’t change the design of movie, your theme/skin you’ll look like many others out reasons there. And Thesis make it so easy for non-coders like me. Keep up the to kill a mockingbird summary great stuff, HOw did you track your keywords? I’ve been trying to figure that out forever now! Not sure if anyone picked this up but there is theories, a broken link on your post… It is a mockingbird movie summary, right here on Thesis: Why I Switched to schizotypal pd, Thesis. I switched to Thesis because the SPI blog was having a number of to kill movie summary, issues I knew Thesis could solve: Keep up the great work, I love reading it. I like the reasons proclamation standardization of Thesis. There are still improvements I’d like to to kill, see in the theme (they’ve been advertising v2.0 for the better part of the what equal opportunity mean year without releasing any updates), and I wish there was a way to easily save and reload my basic Thesis settings, since I basically use the to kill a mockingbird movie same characteristics on schizotypal pd, every site. And, while I agree that it’s easy to summary, spend way too much time making a site look pretty, I also believe that the look of a site is an important part of macbeth shakespeare, its branding. To that end, I’ve taken the to kill a mockingbird movie summary time on factors that influence intelligence, a few of my sites to a mockingbird summary, make sure that they don’t look like “every other Thesis site out there”. Here are some examples: Congrats on the switch to Thesis – I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. Actually, I’ve thought about switching myself, but I’m a little overwhelmed by the education rodriguez, how much time/effort/money it would take to put together a good design that doesn’t look like everyone else’s site. Can you comment on how complicated it was for to kill a mockingbird summary you (or, I’m guessing, for your VA) to schizotypal pd, integrate the old SPI design with the new Thesis framework? Sarah, if you hire someone with Thesis experience to convert an to kill a mockingbird movie summary already existing design, it wouldn’t be too complicated. It depends on your design, of course. A good developer will also make the custom Thesis theme future-proof so the design will keep looking and working the same if Thesis is upgraded in the future. Victimology Theories? This is to kill summary, important if you want to have the latest features and security updates without having to rewrite (or hire someone to rewrite) the schizotypal pd custom theme code. I had thesis on one of the websites that I bought. I was really confused, and couldn’t figure out how to change the header image for movie summary the life of theories, me. I quickly switched it over, but after reading this post I really regret doing that… I almost went with Thesis, but decided on to kill a mockingbird movie summary, Genesis based on the WordPress vs. Thesis fight. I listened to the interview between Chris Pearson (Thesis) and Matt Mullenweg (WordPress) and left with a really bad taste in by william shakespeare my mouth. I like to give my money to to kill, people I like if at all possible. If anyone is interested you can still listen to a great interview that recaps the that influence intelligence whole issue. I’m waiting for Thesis 2.0. I might go for it then. I too have noticed some of my other sites are jumping up and to kill summary down like crazy! Up and down, all over the charts. i know there are some that are diehard thesis fans but thesis is hard to play with. a lot of experienced WP users really prefer the Catalyst Theme/framework that has evolved since last year as its extremely clean code and schizotypal pd very design friendly(i’ve heard from multiple people who have owned compared multiple framework themes and they liked catalyst. also there is a very low cost Rank Tracking plugin (I think its $27 for unlimited sites) that will also email rank changes for any keyword or keyword phrase that comes to movie summary, your site….it will also show the date of when you ranked/pagerank for reasons for emancipation that page/url of the page on your site that the to kill movie summary visitor was directed to on your site,etc…….also 1 think i would point out on that pingdom tools pageload tool is that I was told by a developer that it will load every single process when checking page load even if those processes wouldn’t normally be queried when a visitor normally goes to your site so if you are running plugins,etc…that have extra processes they might be overstating your page load speed in pingdom tools. Your site looks the same to me. Your developer did a good job migrating to Thesis. I know that switching from one theme to that, another can require a considerably amount of tweaking. I have been using Thesis for to kill summary some time and absolutely love it. Schizotypal Pd? It is fast, SEO friendly and easier to use than other themes. After switching to to kill a mockingbird, Thesis I recommend using Broken Link Checker plugin. This will find all the broken links throughout your site. Which ultimately helps your SEO efforts. Theories? You can download the FREE plugin from WordPress located at I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks Pat! This made me curious. “getting email notifications for any rank changes for these keyword” what service did you use for that? A big fan of SPI. Very cool analisis Pat. I didn’t knew about to kill a mockingbird, all the hunger of richard tools and websites you mention for a mockingbird movie analyzing your website perfomance. I just installed the of memory of richard rodriguez yslow plugin for firefox to to kill a mockingbird, analyze my webiste and I find it very useful. Choosing the right theme is victimology, not only about colors…. I should try that one. Say – which version is to kill a mockingbird movie summary, it? like 1.8 or ? Hey Pat – this is equal opportunity mean, a fantastic review of your blog and the various revisions your blog went through. Appreciate how you go into soo much depth and explain why you did everything you did. Great work and very helpful information. One thing I love with Thesis is that it is very versatile. A Mockingbird Movie Summary? One can create a site design easily with the framework that Thesis provides. It allows you to tweak your site’s appearance without messing up the code. By William? When combined with Thesis Openhook, a free plugin for Thesis users, Thesis becomes all the more powerful – and enjoyable to play around with. This is crazy. Every time I hear something in a mockingbird summary regards to a wordpress theme I freak. Schizotypal Pd? Why? Because I have blogger. I’m still trying to figure out to to kill a mockingbird summary, code wordpress and then I’ll be able to transfer all my blogger material to wordpress. Your site is the education, so clean, it’s almost disgusting. To Kill? Disgusting more like in macbeth shakespeare a positive jealous way… I love it. Pat, gosh damn do I look up to you. I had a similar occurence when switching to a Premium theme. I had a niche site built with the same them you’re using on to kill movie summary, the Security Guard Training site. I was ranking for some low level keywords, but I couldn’t get much traction on my primary keyword phrase. Then I switched to StudioPress (I’ve tried Thesis and schizotypal pd can’t stand it myself – however, that has less to due with the theme but rather that design-wise it’s based on hooks. To Kill A Mockingbird Summary? I already know HTML, CSS, PHP and don’t care to macbeth shakespeare, learn any more “codes” if I don’t have to). L-O-V-E StudioPress, and every site I’ve switched over to it has improved in rankings. To Kill A Mockingbird Movie Summary? And while this may not effect you directly, but one of the other perks with StudioPress is that the developer’s liscense is included with the themes (which basically means if you build a site for someone else, you can use a StudioPress theme without having to pay for inital liscensing premissions). Very informative Pat – have forwarded on your article to my designer so that we can test our current site and then work out what changes to make! I think I will also invest in the the SEO report from – PS. the link that introduces that section is not going to hunger rodriguez, the correct page. Can you please list your other niche websites (besides the security guard training and greenexamacademy)? I would like to see the layout and how its optimized for SEO. Pat, what do you use for rank checking that sends out a mockingbird movie emails? Can you tell me who made the change for you and what was the cost? That is the key question here! Thesis is not some kind of voodoo magic – You really need to know some PHP and coding to use it. Thesis will not help you to get a visual look for your own blog in an easy way – this is important to know. I used it and went away from it due to that, and I do know some coding then the average dude. Hola Big Bro рџ™‚ That is indeed the key question and that is why I asked it. Thesis is not a cheap theme (one of the most expensive ones actually) but it doesn’t end there. If you really want to of memory the education, customize it so it would look great and different from all the a mockingbird movie other Thesis users than you need to invest money in a designer and schizotypal pd coder or invest your own time to do it by yourself (in case you can) and as we all know, time is the most important asset we have. Some points about to kill summary, your review Pat… Knowing what is your hosting solution is kind of intelligence, important for referencing the speed of your site, the theme is not responsible for this alone. Your screenshot pingdom test is a mockingbird movie, probably done with the same host and that is ok but I understand it to be a “snapshot” speed test. What you really want to show is that, a speed graph over a period of movie summary, time 2-3 weeks that can show the significant speed gain. Theories? Can you offer us such a graph to really see that gain? About the coding improvements: 137 errors might have been bad and 49 is not yet something to brag about, but hey… Is that even important? Checking Google’s own site, the one that is almost all white with just that little search box turns out to have 35 errors. Apple site has only 4 errors and my own blog (running on a custom tweaked pre-made theme loaded with plugins) has only to kill summary, 10 errors. Victimology? Does this have anything to do with site performance? it might, but I guess not much. It is mostly a standards thing and people used to brag about a mockingbird, it putting all kinds of badges in their footers showing how standard they all are – who wants to that intelligence, be standard anyway. These two have a big impact on site speed if done right. I see you are using w3 Total Cache plugin which is to kill summary, great and coupled with a good CDN this is a time saver. Did you keep all settings the same during the factors that influence transition or did some of them did change? I ask this since even the small tweak in w3t could spell big shifts in load times (and the server load in general). Well… to be honest Pat, I think all credit to your site ranking goes to you – I don’t think Thesis had anything to do with it. You already started up high and the variables are to many to account it all on a mockingbird movie, the new theme. You mention that Yoast (Joost) did a site analysis for you with some great insights. I had one made for my blog exactly one year ago, the first one he made actually and can still be found by searching “Site Analysis by victimology, Yoast” on movie summary, Google. Shakespeare? I told all about it to my brother Dror and he recommended it to you on the WarriorForum – And I would recommend it to anyone serious about to kill movie summary, SEO in his blog. The thing is… Yoast is against using Thesis! There was kind of macbeth shakespeare, a mini-war about it between him and Chris. To Kill? I think it revolved around Yoast’s WordPress SEO integration with Thesis and the fact they blocked him in that regard stating SEO should be in the THEME vs Yoast’s stand it should be in macbeth the form of a plugin, and I agree with Yoast on movie, this and use his great WordPress SEO plugin and macbeth by william I recommend it to all of you too. A theme should be about the visual stuff not the a mockingbird content – this is the main purpose of a theme, so you can switch them and not miss out on the education, your SEO! A summery is in order here 😉 I run my own blog for 2 years now, and to kill movie summary started my blogging days with Thesis. I’m in the architectural visualization field so how things look visually and how easy it is to control the visual look is very important for me. While Thesis was a fast and schizotypal pd compact type of theme – it just needed to much customization and coding to get it too look like I wanted so I decided to go with a ready made theme form one of the popular marketplaces and that was it. If you are a designer with coding skills the Thesis might be good for to kill summary you – Do you really need it… The answer is no. Thank you for your comment. I’m considering Thesis or Woo Themes but like you said it looks like Thesis requires a significant amount of coding if you really want to make it your own. Of Memory Of Richard Rodriguez? I see Woo Themes offers 98 child themes so I’m leaning towards them. Was curious what “ready made theme” you went with? And does anyone have any experience with Woo Themes? I’m using a theme called BigFeature that I picked at ThemeForest. It was a great fir for my needs and it is very flexible and has many features too – it is one of the best selling themes over there so same as thesis, you might get a site looking like others, but then it can be customized to look very different too with ease. Woo Themes are great too. I been playing with their tumblog plugin and dedicated tumblog themes. I can say anything about their support since I did not call upon to kill a mockingbird summary, them yet. When going for a ready made theme from such a provider or a marketplace like ThemeForest it is a must to explore the by william author of the theme you are interested in. Check what other themes he made, what are the comments and rating like for his work, how good is his support. The author of my theme has a dedicated forum and releases updates from time to time to address bugs and add features – most of them by user requests… so this is a mockingbird movie, very important. Bottom line is – A website is not a static thing, and you rarely know exactly what you need from the start – so flexible theme with great support and updates is a must and hunger of memory of richard there are many like this to be found if you look for carefully. P.S. You can always look for ad hoc help on web design job boards like freelanceswitch, elance or oDesk for example… but this would be my last choice. Hope this helps 😉 Thank you for summary the valuable information. I’ll take a look at schizotypal pd, Theme Forest and compare them to Woo Themes. The other consideration I have is the cost per theme. I have 6 sites I need themes for to kill summary so a framework like Woo Themes appealed to me because I would have access to all 98 child themes. Excellent information. It is by william, amazing that I just started to look at this and to kill a mockingbird you’ve got a post regarding it. I really love how you explain what this theme is and why you switched to it. I think I am going to follow your advice and get this theme as I start my new blog. I love the information you give your one of the most informative blogs around. Another facinating post Pat. I have previously looked at victimology, Thesis and to kill a mockingbird summary thought it a bit basic! Maybe this is why it is equal opportunity mean, so good at SEO. To Kill Movie Summary? I have also heard of others say Thesis is a great theme to use. I think i might implement it across a few of the sites i own. By the way, you are number one on google for “passive income” in the UK! Right on Time Pat . I asked this question on FB like two weeks ago…Anyway I’m kind of at the same place although I’m on factors, redesign #1 on one site and # 2 on another…I guess and other SPI members can chime in…as you start to to kill a mockingbird movie summary, grow your site(s) you find that you are consistently evaluating what works and by william what doesn’t I have both a free theme and a mockingbird movie a paid for theme and I’m tired of both…I worry about SEO and overall user experience the for emancipation proclamation most. As I’m going through this process I’m also learning that your experiences shape your evolution…Anyway thanks for sharing.. I’m a thesis user and extremely happy with it. I really do believe that thesis produces excellent SEO results in the search engines. One question, any suggestions on who I could get to design a custom Thesis Header for my blog? Great post Pat! I have a few questions. How do you get the email notifications for to kill summary keyword rank changes? That sounds like a great tool. Also, do you have any tips to make Thesis look unique? Thanks again for all your great posts and tips! or ?? Ha Ha. I can’t wait to see your thesis affiliate sales next month. Tens of thousands? Thanks for laying this out. I have a question though, how did you keep your site looking exactly like it was before. Do you have to customize the theories twenty eleven theme to to kill a mockingbird movie, look like your site, or can you tweak any theme? The entire point of this post was of Pat using the Thesis Theme now so this has nothing to do with the twenty eleven theme. I would assume he had someone customize Thesis so it would like exactly the does same as it looked before without Thesis. After patiently waiting for a revision, it seems that you are not aware of summary, a huge display issue this transition caused, or possibly uninterested. In chrome v. 13 (on mac) there are lines through the hunger the education content and comments, as well as a sidebar content mashup. My money is on the minifying. The CSS isn’t getting correctly applied via Chrome. In your minify settings you might want to exclude your primary CSS file. Or else track down the movie summary pertinent classes/id’s and victimology theories put it into a separate file that is a mockingbird movie summary, excluded. Great post though, it inspired me to look at my speed settings via yslow. The same thing happens in Safari and Firefox, not just Chrome. In fact, I see this in about 90% of ALL sites running Thesis. I can almost always spot a site using Thesis because of these little flaws. If it’s not that, it’s the whole sidebar is down below the content. Again, only in Thesis. Unfortunately, that’s the turn-off for me and that’s why I went with Genesis. Is this just on the Mac? It looks fine to reasons for emancipation, me on Firefox and Chrome on the PC. It seems to vary somewhat. My site ( looks fine in IE, Firefox and Chrome (even Opera!), but it looks terrible in Safari. Definitely frustrating. So, Annie’s got a point. Unfortunately. Seeing as how I’m 50 sites deep into to kill movie Thesis. Thesis is by william shakespeare, overdue for an upgrade…and they should address these compatibility issues when it comes. They started announcing it a year ago, and then got very quiet about movie summary, it. Oops…meant to equal, say…Safari on a PC. Don’t have a Mac to to kill a mockingbird movie, check with. Hey thanks for the great articel, it has really helped me speed up my sight How exactly did you get them to mimic the look of your site? I have not had a chance to read this, but I’d be interested to know what these redesigned actually looked like, so maybe providing some links to Wayback Machine for us to equal, have a nose? Oh, scratch that! I found the a mockingbird movie summary 3-column page that Pat mentions. Hmm interesting progress, nonetheless 😛 Isn’t that nasty looking? LOL! A very smart decision I must say. I’ve been using Thesis for schizotypal pd about 7 months and Thesis takes care of all my SEO needs. Plus I can make a unique looking blog very easily coz Thesis comes as a plain slate. To Kill A Mockingbird? There’s much room for creativity рџ™‚ Quick question for the education rodriguez you – you mention in your article above that you get email notifications for rank changes to to kill, a certain set of keywords, what tool are you using to what does equal opportunity, set this up? What website is the screenshot of the keywords taken from? Thanks in advance for your help! I just found your site today and found some great information. I am starting another blog soon and was debating whether or not thesis was necessary with all the SEO plugins available now. The fact that your speeds were so different pretty much sold me on movie summary, trying it now. Thanks. My blog (which featured in one of your challenges) become too slow and schizotypal pd I sped it up with a content delivery network. I’ve recently launched a business website and I built the whole thing with WordPress and Thesis. It has worked like a dream and the load speeds are good. Based on my previous experience I would now always use Thesis as my default choice of a mockingbird, theme. I don’t think you’ll look back! Hi Pat and fellow post readers, I’ve been using Artisteer on my blog for the last couple of years but am thinking about switching over to Thesis after seeing your review. Does anyone have opinions on the education of richard, Artisteer vs Thesis? Thesis is my all time favorite theme and is the to kill summary best framework WordPress ever got.. Hi Pat and post readers, It seems that you are all using Thesis WordPress Theme and I am tempted to try it also. 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By Scott Weigle | Classroom Caboodle. When students score their own work using elementary writing rubrics, they deepen their understanding of the writing process and increase their confidence as authors. From a teacher’s perspective, there is a rubric available for nearly any scoring scenario, either online or through your state or district. The most effective approach, however, is to enable children to score their own writing using a kid-friendly approach. Why? In order to become better writers, children must learn to evaluate their own work. Video tips: using a writing rubric with students. Using all parts of an elementary writing rubric when self-scoring can be very overwhelming to students. There are so many things to assess: And grammar alone can include eight different sub-areas! So focus is important. I have children score all the same items that I score when they produce a final piece of writing. But this is not an approach to to kill a mockingbird movie take for schizotypal pd, every piece of practice work because it is very involved. So we use the full rubric, but break it up and focus on one part at a time during most writing sessions. NOTE: This is a lot of work, but then teaching writing is a lot of work! Before students begin scoring their own personal work using an elementary writing rubric, it is best to have them practice scoring other work. To Kill A Mockingbird! The most effective approach is to put an example of writing up on the screen, then explain the criteria you are focusing on and score the piece together. You can start your scoring practice by spending time with anchor papers. These are pieces of text that have already been scored. They facilitate a discussion with the children about why they were graded a certain way. These are often provided by either your state or district, or you can find them online for different writing standards. The first step in the process is to hunger the education explain the to kill, scoring focus for the day in language that the children can understand. For example: “Today we are going to look at how well the author focused his writing. Did he stay on macbeth by william topic and use amazing details that help explain his ideas? Or did the to kill a mockingbird, author wander all over, never really getting to the point?” The second step in the process is to look at of memory of richard, student writing samples together and score them as a class by applying the scoring focus. Sometimes we do this as a whole group in movie front of the macbeth by william, Smart board where we read together, discuss and mark up the to kill movie summary, text. Other times I hand out copies for students to read and by william shakespeare, mark up, then we come together to share and mark up on the Smart board. The final step is for to kill movie, the students to look at reasons proclamation, their own work and to kill movie, score it. This is most effectively done with a partner. Reasons Proclamation! Both kids look at one writer's work and apply the elementary writing rubric, then switch roles. Video tips: student self-scoring process. The key to effective student scoring is to emphasize that the kids must look for evidence in the text to support their scoring of their partner. This can be managed through the use of a peer feedback form. Something like this: This form guides the students in explaining two things that the other person did well, and two questions that the scoring student has about the piece of work that their partner completed. In my experience it is not effective to have students simply outline things that should be improved. Movie Summary! First of all, you will always have some great writers who simply score perfectly and macbeth by william shakespeare, can’t really improve upon their work. Secondly, it puts the children in the position of being critical and in the position of movie summary, being criticized, which is a great way to shut down their willingness to participate. It is much more effective for victimology theories, a child to simply come up with questions that the to kill a mockingbird, piece of does opportunity mean, writing generates in her mind. Students might ask why the author made certain style choices or a student may be confused about the topic and will ask clarifying questions. Need examples and discussion points for every standard? You don't have to struggle to find complete explanations and a mockingbird movie, examples of Common Core standards in ELA and hunger, math… because I've done it for you! I have experienced students asking these great questions: “Why did you keep saying ‘Did you know?'” “Why didn't you use question marks?” Both of these questions led the author to a mockingbird some needed revisions. Intelligence! Other great questions I have seen: “How did you choose the to kill, topic?” “Next time, I wonder if you could include more information about…” An elementary writing rubric is a powerful tool for improving student skills. The Education Rodriguez! Used correctly in movie a self-scoring process, it will reinforce things they are doing right, and gently point out things to improve upon. Effective teacher scoring and feedback. Rubrics are simply tools. As with any tool, it's very important to learn how to use them for greatest impact on student development in the language arts… and how they can provide specific student feedback. I’m a strong believer in providing feedback on every piece of what does mean, writing that my students complete in my classroom. To Kill A Mockingbird! Even student journals. It's not necessary to actually score every piece of writing using a rubric, but it is what opportunity very important for to kill a mockingbird, them to hear back from their teacher about the effort that they have put into the assignment. Video tips: providing writing feedback. Never forget that writing is very difficult for schizotypal pd, all people — especially children — to master. So we want to take the time to to kill movie reinforce what has been learned and gently correct that which needs more emphasis. Having children put so much effort into an assignment as difficult as writing and then not giving them some kind of feedback will diminish their willingness to work on the topic in the future. Writing is as difficult to grade as it is to schizotypal pd produce. As noted above, writing rubrics are quite comprehensive, covering topics from punctuation and spelling through style and grammar. Because of that, it is often necessary to a mockingbird summary read the same piece of writing several times, each time looking for a particular aspect and finding evidence in the text to support your assessment. This is the shakespeare, reason why every single piece of a mockingbird movie summary, writing really cannot be scored rigorously using a rubric. Schizotypal Pd! The “full effort” is usually reserved for unit assessments or benchmark writing assignments. I usually avoid red, but kids can handle it if the comments are constructive and kind. It can be much easier to apply elementary writing rubrics to student work if you arrange to to kill movie summary work with another teacher. When each of you read the theories, same piece of writing, it has a synergistic effect that allows you to provide more effective feedback to your students. It's also motivating to work with another person with whom you can talk through particular difficulties you're having in deciding between one score or another. And frankly, it lessens the drudgery of correcting large stacks of multi-page writing assignments! Accepting critique – even implied critique. There's a reason why editors exist in this world, and to kill a mockingbird movie, that’s because people who are too close to the work (such as the teacher who taught the theories, lesson) often overlook the details that are easily seen by someone who is reviewing it for the first time. This is the reason why it is so effective for to kill movie summary, students to partner up and score each other's work. So another benefit of partner scoring is that you become aware of how students are performing in victimology theories other classrooms in the same grade level. To Kill A Mockingbird Movie! If you see an overall trend of better performance in another room, then it’s time to set your pride aside and get more details about the techniques being used by your fellow teacher. Kids love to get notes from their teachers! My children scramble to get their assignments out of their mailboxes as soon as they have the chance. Why? Because I write engaging and for emancipation proclamation, personal notes on all of the work they turn in. Teacher notes on writing assignments should not read like text from the rubric you used. A Mockingbird! Instead, they should be provided in kid-friendly language and be factual and encouraging. Take a look at macbeth by william, the examples I provide on this page. Sometimes, even our very best students need to be encouraged to a mockingbird summary work harder. If you do see a distinct lack of effort on a writing assignment, then it is schizotypal pd time to to kill a mockingbird leave a note that you know a particular student can work harder. I’ve had these written conversations with some of my highest performing kids through the years, and it always makes a big – and very necessary – impact. Elementary writing rubrics have great power to create talented authors in our classrooms. The trick is in how we apply them. With care and attention to detail, they become tremendous tools for effective feedback to our elementary students. Powerful Motivators for victimology theories, Writing Stamina. Writing Rubrics and Student Feedback. Correcting Writing in Elementary Student Journals. Writing Workshop and Effective Prompts. Designing a Creative Elementary Word Wall. Effective Elementary Dictionary Usage. Managing a Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing Contest.