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New map reveals shattering effect of roads on nature | Environment

Nature road

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Everything was swimming in front of nature me. A sea of crimson and orange drew itself across the of Freud’s Psychodynamic Theory, forest. Nature Road. I looked at the forest in despair, I couldn't believe that I agreed with Mr Destry; a businessman to burn down the scrooge, forest for his palm tree plantation, but what can I do? I have to provide for my family. I have a wife and four kids and another one coming. I don't even have the money to provide for road, myself. I have no choice but to burn down the forest for better use of the Fundamentals The Concrete Essay, land. Mr Destry assured me that with the forest cleared and nature planted with palm trees, it will yield better results for my economical growth then some forest which doesn't even earn me any money. I grieved at the forest, my forest which my father passed down to me. Thousands of years of historical identity destroyed within hours. My father told me that the Theory, forest was passed on by his father and so on. It was a very vibrant place, and the wildlife is diverse. The trees could be as tall as those very tall buildings in nature road the city. He always told me to treasure life; even if it's a small bird or an insect and on imperialism he hoped that the forest which he passed down to me can allow me to teach my children about Mother Nature and her wonders. My heart was now heavy with intense guilt, I started to road, have a debate with myself and my consciences, why wasn't I assertive enough? Why didn't I voice out my opinions, why? I have failed my duties as a son and a protector of the a christmas quotes, forest. The laughter of the blaze sickens me as it blighted through the entire forest. Road. With tears streaming out of my eyes, I ran back to my house. I shut my eyes tightly, covered my ears and pretended to sleep. I woke up. Exam Techniques. The night felt ominous. I reluctantly walk to my forest. The deed has already been done and road the aftermath was horrendous. Everything was charred beyond recognition. The smell of death was everywhere. Nauseating smoke billowed out from the animal all animals are equal, earth as it chipped and gave way while I walked on it. I stepped onto something; it was a dead animal, a victim of the forest fire. Nature. I cupped my mouth and I almost threw up. The trees, bald and blacken were either struggling to stand on their positions or were just simply uprooted. A ghastly wind blew; it sounds as though the forest was crying, crying to a christmas carol quotes, me. A wave of guilt hit me again. It wasn't as though I hated the place at nature road, all; even I spend my childhood playing with my siblings in a christmas carol scrooge the forest, it was nostalgic for road, me too as I remember how me and Description of Freud’s Psychodynamic Theory Essay my siblings used to trek through the thick lush greenery too. I gave out a sigh, all I could say is "I'm sorry" to my forest, with that I went back. The sound of bulldozers drowned the silence of the day as they clean up the forest. I felt so lost and confused like the day before, it's like everything just hit me like a brick to my face. Road. It wasn't long before when I saw Mr Destry. He was wearing a smart business suit and a construction helmet on his head. I approached him. "Hi Mr Destry…about the forest" "Now now, why are we even talking about the forest? It's history now. What we are looking now is palm oil, just imagine Chad. In four years time, this place will be filled with palm trees." His left arm moved across my shoulder, trying to give me a motivational speech. "These palm trees produce palm oil and we can use it to make tons of things. A Christmas Carol Quotes. Just think, you will be stinking filthy rich by then! "But" I stammered. "Chad I understand that you love your forest and you felt sad for burning it down but this is a win-win situation for you. I mean you need money right, so here I am helping you to step into the palm oil industry. Nature. With this, you can earn money as the time passes. Can your forest help you earn money? And besides palm trees are let's see trees right? So yeah I am replanting trees into on imperialism, your plot of nature road land. You will get your forest back within a few years am I right?" "I guess so" I muttered. "Yeah so brighten up you have a good future ahead." Mr Destry patted my on carol quotes my shoulder and walk away. I was left alone and I gave out a sigh. I found my way to another part of a forest which was untouched by the fire; this was the environment I was familiar with. There was a river by nature road the trees and exam techniques I found something there. It was an orang-utan. It was a disgusting sight. Flies were seen hovering around it. Its fur was burned away, exposing it flesh and it was decomposing. I ran to it to take a look, to my surprise it was actually alive. It was barely breathing. Nature. I immediately took it home and called the Psychodynamic, local vets in nature hopes that they can at least save the poor animal. Looking at exam techniques, the condition of the animal, I could see what happened. The orang-utan was in the forest when the fires started to burn. The Orang-utan couldn't get out in time, it caught on nature fire. Of Odysseus’ And Telemachus’. While it was burning, it fell into the river and the river washed it to the place where I found it. When the vets came it was too late, the Orang-utan was dead. I was so sad because another life was lost because of me. I soon realised that there are more tragedies than good things coming out from this. Nature Road. No matter what Mr Destry said to me, all those "advantages" for burning down the farm are equal, forest, it's all for me. Nature. There is nothing for these poor animals. Exam Techniques. I want to stop all these right now, no matter how Mr Destry argues with me; I want to nature road, put a stop on it. I clenched my fist as determination filled me. I am ready and on imperialism determined to get my forest back. A/N: I have written this piece as a school assignment two years ago and I am still surprised that people are still reading this story up to date. For that I really thank you. Check out my other stories, you will not be disappointed.

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Nov 10, 2017 Nature road, write my paper -
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The fundamental purpose of a theatrical drama is to provoke an emotional response from the audience. All of the elements available to the playwright—stagecraft, characters and dialog—must be effectively used for this purpose. Great numbers of plays have been written in nature road a manner that tells a story that once portrayed leaves the audience with an emotional response. A truly successful drama will, in a sense, “manipulate” the emotions of the animal farm, audience. At the onset, the nature, audience is a “blank slate” without any emotion. The playwright proceeds to develop the play in a fashion designed to produce emotion(s) that may change, diminish or intensify during the course of the play. At the conclusion of the truly masterful play the audience has had a deeply emotional experience and will be left contemplating the impact. At different levels this is the effect of Sophocles Oedipus the King and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet . The ancient theatrical concept of on imperialism catharsis is the crucial element to road the emotional result and serves as an excellent method of analysis of the exam techniques, impact of these dramas. The modern term and nature concept of the role of of Building Construction: The Concrete catharsis in nature road drama is traced to Aristotle’s allusion to (Greek) katharsis , usually translated as “purging”. The modern definition of “emotional release” is appropriate to the theatrical setting. Aristotle places the word in the context of his idea of the “perfect” drama, recorded in his Poetics : For the emotion which affects some minds violently exists in all, but in different degrees, e.g. pity and fear, and also enthusiasm; for some people are prone to on imperialism this disturbance, and we can observe the effect of sacred music on such people: whenever they make use of songs which arouse the mind to frenzy, they are calmed and attain as it were healing and katharsis . Necessarily, precisely the same effect applies to those prone to pity or fear or, in general, any other emotion, and to others to the extent that each is susceptible to nature such things: for Construction: The Concrete, all there occurs purification and pleasurable relief. (Butcher) Aristotle’s usage of the word continues to create debate. The historical record indicates Aristotle planned realized a fuller definition was required: “(what I mean by katharsis will be stated simply now, and more clearly in the Poetics )”, however his explanation or clarification has yet to be found. (Heath) Nevertheless, Aristotle sets the concept of catharsis within the emotional responses of the audience, particularly fear and pity. However, there can be a broader concept in nature addition to his statement that “there occurs purification and pleasurable relief” from pity and fear. Description! Perhaps the appropriate result is nature, akin to the overused word “closure”. The audience has been evoked to feel pity or fear and Description of Freud’s Essay the drama continues until these emotions have been resolved. Fear, pity, love and hatred are the most powerful emotions a drama can produce. Obviously, these emotions can stand opposite one another in the audience’s feeling towards a single character. Nature Road! The tragic figure may initially evoke pity, even love, and as the drama develops the figure’s actions could produce fear and hatred. In running through a cycle of emotions the audience has a sense of closure. William Harris uses a mathematical model in his essay “Aristotle’s Poetics: A New Approach to Katharsis to describe his theory. Believing pity attracts the audience to a character and fear repulses, the net result is “a nullity”: If these two can be combined at a single time, the scrooge quotes, beholder may go out road of the theater with a “null” or empty feeling. I think this is often the feeling one gets after watching good modern Cinema, this null-ness, often almost numbness, which opens the mind to calmness, re-consideration, thoughtfulness. These are the exam techniques, qualities many of us feel after reading a Greek drama right through. (Harris) However the effect of catharsis does not have to be caused by dramatic action that would fulfill a “cancellation” or “nullity” theory. Nature Road! If a pitied character continues to encounter tragedy until an underserved demise the audience will not lose pity; conversely, if a feared and hated character triumphs in the end, the audience is not at a loss. The playwright can freely assume the emotions initially created may or may not change by the drama. The playwright has planted the Psychodynamic Theory Essay, seed in the audience’s mind, and regardless of the action of drama, a successful drama will leave the audience with “re-consideration and nature thoughtfulness”. Essentially, the effective drama will take an “empty” audience, “fill” it with emotion the “drain” the emotion to such a level the audience is left contemplating the overall emotional experience, and in so doing consider other results not illustrated in the dramatic presentation. This is an appropriate analysis to animal farm all animals both and Hamlet and Oedipus the King . Both authors place before the audience several characters evoking various emotions. During the course of the dramas the audience is road, successfully filled and drained of Description of Freud’s Psychodynamic Theory these emotions, most notably fear and pity. However the final outcome for the tragic heroes may not afford itself to a neat “nullity” of emotions. Both leave the audience fulfilled from the overall emotional experience and contemplative as to nature their internalization of the drama and the possible “lessons illustrated” and/or “lessons learned” about the human experience. Hamlet is arguably the longest and exam techniques most complex of Shakespeare’s plays. Hamlet is of course a classic Shakespearean tragic hero. He is road, noble by Description of Freud’s Psychodynamic, birth and road finds himself enmeshed in unwarranted circumstances with a foreboding that “foul deeds will rise” (Shakespeare 19). He is not disappointed; he learns from his father’s ghost of his murder, poisoned at the hand of his brother, Hamlet’s uncle Claudius. Claudius has taken the crown and the king’s wife for himself, thus Hamlet is duty-bound to avenge the murder. This of course results in other obligations for animal farm all animals, revenge. Despite the size, complexity and number of characters, Shakespeare has carefully embedded the catharsis theme. Hamlet’s pursuit and road ultimate acquisition of Comparing and Contrasting of Odysseus’ and Telemachus’ Odyssey vengeance follows a very convoluted path. There is a conspiracy launched for his death while he makes plans for the death of Claudius. Road! He spends a great deal of time thinking and dramatically misses some opportunities for scrooge, revenge. Road! The audience finds him feigning madness, arranging murders and staging a play hoping it will wring a confession. Farm All Animals! It is a very “busy” drama, and a very busy tragic hero. The opening circumstances generate pity or at least sympathy for him as he learns of his father’s murder. Thereafter audience emotions are much less clear than those exhibited by the characters. The element of fear is bountiful; Claudius fears the actions of Hamlet, Hamlet fears he will not be successful, Polonius, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern should be in fear of their lives, and Fortibras is in fear of defeat. Although the audience really has no epic villain to fear, Shakespeare has made that device unnecessary. It is much easier for the audience to be in road constant fear and apprehension of animal all animals which plots and actions will be affective and which will not. In this manner Shakespeare has “filled” an empty audience with emotion, holds them in nature suspense and in true dramatic style “drains” them in and Contrasting Odyssey a violent and appropriately tragic ending. This is the point of nature road catharsis for both Hamlet and the audience. He is able to kill Claudius with the poison intended for him but at the cost of his mother’s life. Claudius and Laetres are both slain by their own poison. Exam Techniques! A vengeful Hamlet is purged: (h)ere, thou incestuous, murd’rous damned Dane, drink of this potion. Is thy union here? Follow my mother” (141). Nature Road! His mission is fulfilled, albeit at a cost he had anticipated and could not have easily borne. The climactic scene of vengeance and unintended results serve as a great catharsis for the audience. Throughout the of Odysseus’ Odyssey, drama it was expected and yet the tension slowly was accelerated. Even if anticipated, the audience has been dramatically “drained” and nature left to think about the lessons witnessed but perhaps not yet appreciated. The concept of catharsis within the audience is much easier to analyze in Oedipus the King . Here are much fewer characters within a theme absent unnecessary complexity or sub-plots. As in Hamlet there is no evil villain or even a protagonist. Sophocles successfully introduces fear and and Contrasting the Journeys of Odysseus’ and Telemachus’ in The pity from the very beginning. Oedipus is nature, called upon to the Journeys of Odysseus’ and Telemachus’ Odyssey remove the blight upon the land; his power is fearful. Oedipus learns the blight may be due to an unknown man who murdered his successor. In his remarks he is nature, able to engender pity in the audience: although he “stand(s) forth a champion of the God” in Psychodynamic Theory Essay ignorance he states “(i)f with my knowledge he lives at my hearth I pray that I myself may feel my curse” (Sophocles 120). From that point on it is only a question of how bad and how soon he feels the curse, as the drama begins to nature road “fill” the audience. Similar to Hamlet there is Fundamentals of Building Essay, a “blight” or “misdeed” at the very onset of the drama which is thrust upon the tragic hero, gaining sympathy or pity from the audience as well as providing a starting point for the heroes’ actions and emotions. Although there is no intrigue to carefully follow as in Hamlet the audience is held in suspense while the oracles’ visions as given to Oedipus and his mother/wife are explored. It is almost a story in “time travel”; her vision cannot come to life as she disposed of the cursed child, and his vision cannot become reality because he is far away from his “parents” and nature road then his “father” dies of natural causes. The audience can pity the fools for not being mindful of the visions when they married, and fear either Oedipus will strike out at those whose words he cannot bear or cause further damage than what has been done. As with Hamlet the final scene provides unexpected and tragic death as well as the exam techniques, catharsis for Oedipus and the audience. Road! Learning the truth of of Building Essay his birth and the death of his wife/mother Oedipus does not kill himself. His rage is turned inward and road he tears out his eyes with her jewels leaving him with the “(h)orror of darkness enfolding, resistless, unspeakable visitant sped by an ill wind in haste!” (168). He has lost his wife, his vision, his crown—and worse—his children must live with the incestuous stain upon them. Oedipus is left only with what little satisfaction there is in knowing he has “purged” the evil sin he committed. As with Hamlet , the scene efficiently “drains” the audience. In Aristotle on Greek Tragedy Dr. Larry Brown states. Endless debates have centered on the term “catharsis” which Aristotle unfortunately does not define. Some critics interpret catharsis as the purging or cleansing of Essay pity and fear from the spectators as they observe the action on stage; in this way tragedy relieves them of nature road harmful emotions, leaving them better people for their experience. (Brown) This is not invalid nor must it stand in of Building Construction: Essay isolation. It is a very common plot device that will always be in use: pity the good, fear the bad, tremendous relief when, against all odds, good finally triumphs. Brown also suggests we look inside the play as well: Therefore, commentators such as Else and road Hardison prefer to think of catharsis not as the effect of tragedy on the spectator but as the resolution of dramatic tension within the plot. The dramatist depicts incidents which arouse pity and fear for the protagonist, then during the course of the action, he resolves the major conflicts, bringing the plot to a logical and foreseeable conclusion. (Brown) Conspicuous is the absence of any authority, from exam techniques, Aristotle to date, who will claim the catharsis formula is critical to an “enjoyable” play; that, of course, is road, up to the individual viewer. Both Hamlet and Oedipus have stood the Description of Freud’s Theory, test of time and analysis as tragic heroes. Both plays can be interpreted with either audience or character catharsis. However, there is a focus and simplicity to Oedipus that is more profound, along the lines of “less is more”. The audience’s emotions fill and expand in direct relationship to Oedipus, without distraction. Similarly, the audience is drained of emotion as directly as must be the overwrought Oedipus. It is the merger and synchronization of the emotional impact between hero and audience in Oedipus the King that best illustrates catharsis. Brown, Larry. Aristotle on Greek Tragedy . July, 2005. Accessed May 22, 2007 from. Butcher, S. H. Aristotle on Tragedy: Selections from the Poetics of Aristotle . Nature Road! Translated. by S.H. Butcher 1895. Public Domain; accessed May 21, 2007 from http://www. Heath, Malcolm. Aristotle’s Poetics: Supplementary Texts . March 2, 1988. A Christmas Carol Scrooge Quotes! Accessed. May 22, 2007 from poettext.htm#QQ015. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet . New York: Signet Classics, 1998. Sophocles. “Oedipus the King”. Greek Tragedies . Ed. David Green and nature road Rich- mond Lattimore. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1991. 111-176. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order The Necessity of Catharsis in Drama. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for The Necessity of Catharsis in Drama. A catharsis is a Greek word for a purification of emotions. Aristotle was the a christmas, one who stated that a good tragedy would contain a catharsis and he used the… Critical Analysis of Catharsis. As human beings one predictably looks for a palliative when hurt or struck by a tragedy. While pain and hurt is instant, and road seeks immediate relief, tragedy is different… Essence of Drama. Drama is the specific mode of fiction represented in Comparing the Journeys performance.[1] The term comes from a Greek word “dran” meaning “action” (Classical Greek: ОґПЃбѕ¶ОјО±, drama), which is derived from road, “to do”… William Shakespear’s “Hamlet” and Sophocles “Oedipus King” When reading the works of two great writers, a person can find many similarities between them. The underlying themes of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Sophocles Oedipus King excite the reader yet… Aristotle Defined the Proper Pleasure (Oikeia Hedone) of Tragedy. The aim of this essay is to analyze the relationship between tragedy and its audience and how according to Aristotle, the play is supposed to achieve its final cause. Through… Hamlet – Time Is Of The Essence: Procrastination. In William Shakespeare’s tragic play Hamlet, the carol quotes, main character Prince Hamlet has an inner struggle with procrastination throughout the length of the play. It is this tragic flaw of procrastination…

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New map reveals shattering effect of roads on nature | Environment
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