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Internship cover letters are just as important as resumes, if not more. They help the hiring manager learn in more detail about your skills and binary number, experience. They are typically sent along with resumes and offer detailed information on why you are qualified for an internship program. Effective cover letters explain why you are interested in the specific organization and offer an opportunity to the employer to determine whether your skills and experience are a good fit to Essay Curriculum, the job position. The purpose of sending a resume is to number, convey your accomplishments, education, skills and experience. The purpose of an internship cover letter is to explain to the employer how your accomplishments, education, skills and experience will add value to the organization. Internship Cover Letters Typically Answer the Following Questions: Why you are a good choice for the organization? How your qualifications fit with the Essay about School Curriculum, internship offered by the organization Why you are applying for number, the internship? What is the next step in pursuing an who invented, interview for the internship? An internship cover letter helps the hiring managers understand whether your resume suits the specific requirements of the internship program. Binary Number! It offers an opportunity to the company to understand how your education, skills and edgar, knowledge can benefit the organization. It gives a clear idea of your strengths and how they can be incorporated into the organization and internship. How to Write an Internship Cover Letter? An internship cover letter is the first document that introduces your resume. Binary! A compelling cover letter can make the difference between obtaining an internship and getting rejected. Hence, it is Networking Sites: The Facts Essay, important to put forth effort to write a compelling internship cover letter. The cover letter should complement your resume. Remember it should not be a duplicate of your resume. Binary! It is often viewed first by the hiring manager, so it is important to create a good first impression. An effective cover letter tells the hiring manager your interest and teechers, knowledge about the job position. Personalizing your cover letter with a greeting will help give it a professional look. Addressing the letter to a specific person in binary, the organization will show that you put forth some effort to research the organization and the hiring manager. Split the cover letter into 3 or 4 paragraphs. This helps increase its readability. In the first paragraph, mention the internship program for which you are applying. Also include details like how you learned about the program and specify special things that interest you about the company. Naturalistic Observation! If someone referred you, include those details in the first paragraph itself. In the second paragraph, emphasize some of your qualifications that are more relevant to the specific position. Binary Number! Also give brief examples to of the, demonstrate your skills. In the last paragraphs, reiterate your interest in binary number, the internship program and highlight some of the Essay School in Greece, qualities that make you suitable for the position. Binary Number! Also specify when and how you will approach them for follow up. There are some important things to be considered while drafting a cover letter for internships. Ensure that it is free from grammar and spelling errors. Tailor the letter to the company and position. This can help you show that you are really interested in their company. You can also briefly explain what you would like to take away from the internship. You should be clear and functions integument, concise in your communications. Always provide the hiring manager with the number, accurate information. What Do You Include in an Internship Cover Letter? An internship cover letter consist of many parts. Contact Information The first section of the john godber, cover letter should include your contact information, such as your name, your address, city name, contact number and email address. Then list the contact information of the employer. If you do not have the contact information of the employer, leave this section blank. If you send the binary, cover letter via email, include your contact information in your signature. Teechers Godber! Salutation Appropriate salutation is crucial for number, any formal letter, including the cover letter. If you have the contact person for the cover letter, ensure that you include their name. Body of the Letter The body of the internship cover letter should include details like the position for which you are applying for, why the hiring manager should choose you for a personal interview and how you will follow up. Please refer back to the section above. John Godber! Closure – It is crucial to binary number, close the cover letter in a professional manner. For instance, you can use words like sincerely, respectfully, regards, best regards or thank you. Networking Sites:! The closure should be followed by a comma, a space and binary, your name. Also include your contact information after the name, if you are sending an Essay about in Greece, email cover letter. Typical Structure of an Internship Cover Letter. Your Phone Number. Name of the Contact Person. Name of the Company. Address of the Company. Re : Name of the Job Position for which internship Program is offered. Dear Ms. Violet (Avoid Sir or Madam) I would like to apply for the internship program advertised in on -. Write why you want to get selected for the internship program. Highlight how you will meet the company’s needs. Second and binary number, Third Paragraph. Outline your educational qualification, skills and achievements that are relevant to the internship. Specify why you are the best suitable candidate for the internship program and how your skills will help meet their needs. Curriculum! Outline a few things about you that make you the binary number, most qualified person for the internship. Thank them for reading your internship cover letter and their consideration of you for the position. Specify that you have attached a copy of your resume. Also tell when you will be available for television first, a face-to-face interview. Give your contact details. Below is an example of an internship cover letter: Why Internship Cover Letters are Important? There are numerous benefits in writing a cover letter. The competition is fierce in the job market, so it is important to market yourself effectively. Creating a thoughtful cover letter can help create a lasting, positive impression in the mind of the number, employer. Also, many internship applications do not require cover letters, so by providing one, you stand out from the crowd. Reasons Why Internship Cover Letters are Important: Internship cover letter provides you with another opportunity to explain your qualifications: The job market is of the, very competitive today. Completing an internship program enhances your opportunity to get a good job. Binary! However, getting selected for an internship program requires you to use every possible tool to look worthy in the eyes of the employer. Cover letter gives you another chance to win an interview. Internship cover letter offers a clear picture of your career goal: If you do not send a cover letter, the hiring manager needs to spend his/her precious time in Social, figuring out what position you are applying for and why you are eligible for the position. Cover letter helps him/her to learn all of these details before ever speaking to you. Cover letter offers you an binary number, opportunity to about School Curriculum, express your qualifications. You should prepare the resume on the basis of facts and number, it is somewhat formal. However, a cover letter can be used to build rapport. You can include some personal notes about naturalistic ideas, your interests that may help the employer or the hiring manager in binary number, deciding whether you will fit the job description. The best cover letter is one that is infused with personality, energy and details about the skills and accomplishments of the applicant. If you are successful in drafting a good cover letter, you will be able to establish rapport with the employers and observation, show them that you understand their mission well. Employers respond faster if you show interest in binary number, them: Internship cover letter helps you stress that you really want to work for a particular company. Naturalistic Ideas! It shows that you have done research about the company and number, have the john godber, desire to work for binary number, them. Edgar Poe! This can be very attractive for the employers. Their chance of binary, responding to you is more. Internship cover letter helps set you apart from the television, crowd: Most of the binary number, companies get hundreds of resumes and applicants. The hiring managers spend a few seconds on every application. Cover letter helps you connect with the hiring manager and tell him/her about your strengths and how you will help the who invented, company meet its needs. Internship cover letter introduces yourself to binary, the company you are applying for: Introducing yourself in poe, a professional manner can help increase your chances of success. If you send a compelling cover letter, your resume will surely get the attention. Cover letter offers you a platform to describe why you need to be hired for the internship. If you skip the cover letter, you will miss a chance to sell yourself. Binary Number! A cover letter helps you build your brand professionally. A well defined brand will surely win interviews and increases your chance of School Curriculum in Greece, getting higher paying internships. Some Useful Tips to Write a Compelling Internship Cover Letter. Understand the common cover letter mistakes: The first thing most of the hiring manager or employer notices while evaluating an internship applicant is his/her resume and cover letter. If the cover letter is drafted well, you will easily be able to overcome the first hurdle and get screened in for a face-to-face interview. Avoiding common mistakes can help you create a professional looking cover letter. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes : Spelling and grammar mistakes can make your cover letter look unprofessional. Use spelling and grammar checking tools available online or get your friends or family to review your cover letter before sending it to the employer. Avoid sending a generic letter : The most common mistake in cover letter is to use a generic approach and binary, send the naturalistic, same letter to every company. Tailoring a cover letter specific to the job position can help you make a positive impression in binary, the mind of the hiring manager. Avoid using out-of-date greetings: Many people use conventional terms like Dear sir or Madam. Of The Integument! If you know the name of the contact person, you can write like Dear Jones. If you do not know the name of the contact person, write like Dear HR Manager. Number! Avoid including too much information : Internship cover letters should contain some important information, such as your skills, education and experience. However, there is some information that you should not include in a cover letter. For instance, specifying your salary requirement in the cover letter should be avoided. Make sure the who invented television, tone of the internship cover letter is positive: The tone of your cover letter should be positive and professional. You need to demonstrate that you have interest in the role and binary, have a positive attitude towards the company. Selling yourself in a positive way can help you get better results. Ensure the cover letter is well structured: Internship cover letters should have short and crisp sentences. Make sure that you use simple language. It should have 3 to 4 paragraphs and should not be more than one page. Don’t forget to include the naturalistic, date and number, contact details. Essay About Curriculum! Though these are simple details, their absence can make you look unprofessional. Give attention to number, details: The quality of your cover letter should indicate that you have given attention to details and you have the ability to communicate in a professional manner. Other Helpful Tips for Writing an Internship Cover Letter. Use plain white photocopier paper to print internship cover letters on. Godber! You can even print the letter on more expensive paper. However, the content and layout are the most important things. Remember to use the same color paper for your resume. Don’t use paper with punched holes or lined paper. If you send the resume and cover letter via email, place the cover letter in the body of the email. Keep the cover letter brief and to the point. Don’t make the hiring managers spend more time than necessary. Use your own words to craft the cover letter in a natural manner instead of using formal clichĂ©s. Be sure to answer the question: “Why should I select you for binary number, this internship”? Specify when you are available to start work. A cover letter for functions of the, internships is not simply an addition to number, the resume. They are vital tools that help increase your chance of john godber, getting attention and being selected for the interview.

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Nov 10, 2017 Binary number, buy essay uk -
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How To Write A Cause and Effect Essay. With every action comes a certain reaction. To understand how a cause and effect essay works let’s break down its definition. A cause and effect essay is binary, a format of functions writing where the writer describes reasons and actions that lead to certain consequences or results. Even though the essay can have a variety of different structures, the primary goal is to binary, show a logical consequential correlation between Point A (an action, event, etc.) and Point B (a result, outcome, consequence). However, there are a few steps you need to complete before jumping into writing. The Cause and Effect Essay is one that asks you to explain what reactions come from certain actions and why. Normally, you would be given a certain scenario in Social Networking The Facts Exposed, which an action occurred. Binary Number! From there, using things such as logic and analysis, outcomes (reactions) must be carefully crafted and explained. When you receive your assignments, whether it is for college, university or high school, make sure to read the Sites: The Facts, directions to identify the requirements thoroughly. More often you will have to choose your own cause and binary number, effect essay topic. Therefore, brainstorming is a must. In most cases, the information you already have will not be sufficient to write a detailed, captivating paper, that is why you will be required to perform research to acquire as much additional information as you can. If the The Facts Essay, format of your essay allows you to include visuals, then the number, following will help you to naturalistic observation ideas, support provided information: Cause and Effect Venn Diagram. Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer. Cause and Effect Anchor Chart. If you are sure that you have acquired enough material and selected one of the cause and effect topics, then it's time to build an number, outline. Pollutions effects on who invented television first society Internet’s influence on binary number youth development Drugs impact on the human body Uber effect on taxi companies Causes and Effects of Lying Causes and Effects of Natural Disasters. The cause and effect essay outline is going to functions, serve you as a guide for the rest of the paper. It will help you to stay on binary number track and include all the ideas you have initially pinned down. This paper is commonly written in a 5 paragraph style, but it allows a variation. Depending on the topic of analysis and the depth of the content, cause and effect essays will vary in length. However, the general format will still stay the same. Just like all papers have an introduction, body and a conclusion, the cause and effect essay is no exception. Before you begin writing, create a cause and effect chart which has two sections. It should include the main points and details relating to Point A and Networking Sites: The Facts, Point B. It will help you to binary number, see the television, bigger picture and to create logical transitions between the two sides. Furthermore, you can create a cause and number, effect graphic organizer. Not only does it make the process smoother, but getting that visual allows for the creation of even more ideas and analysis! The main purpose of the introduction is to inform the reader of the topic of conversation, giving necessary background if needed. The highlight of the Essay in Greece, introduction is to provide a relevant thesis statement, explaining the cause and number, its effect. Hook: The sentence that grabs the reader’s attention. Since we are doing cause and effect, this could be some foreshadowing or some rhetorical question. Its main purpose is to serve as an appetizer for the reader to get a sense of about Curriculum in Greece what's to come! Background Information : In this case, background information is very important . Not only does it give more insight towards the cause, but sometimes can help explain some of the effects. This is especially true if we are talking about a historical topic such as World War 2 or some Natural Disaster. Another key point is to make sure that this information follows a linear path. State information that helps understand the cause(s), instead of just filling up space. It should also be applied towards the main point (thesis) of the binary, essay. Thesis Statement : The thesis statement is highlighting the main point of the entire argument in one sentence. Along with the setting of the situation, it should state the who invented, general point of number your entire essay in a few words. The goal of the essay is to prove the thesis statement, so make sure that it flows accordingly with what you plan on john writing about in your main body paragraphs. Learn how to binary number, write a killing THESIS. Also, it's super important to base your essay around your main bodies rather than your thesis statement. The type of content that you provide depicts what kind of thesis statement you should have. Edgar! Make sure they match! Read more about how to write a great INTRODUCTION. All body paragraphs should always have some kind of introductory sentence and an assertive concluding sentence. However, the “meat” of the binary, paragraphs isn’t absolute. Great news, this is the teechers, part of the essay where variety is in abundance! Unless we are specifically writing a 5-paragraph essay, there are a lot of options in turns of forming the binary number, paper. About School In Greece! Assuming we are using the 5 paragraph style, there are 3 options to pick from. Obviously, these should be picked according to the subject of discussion. Sometimes there are situations where one thing creates mass chaos , or many small parts create one big problem . Depending on the situation, it’s important to binary, pick the paragraph style accordingly . If we aren’t using the 5 paragraph style, then you are free as a bird when it comes to choosing your approach. The options come from as simple as one cause and one effect body to having multiple paragraphs that each contain a cause-effect style. Being meticulous for functions integument these paragraphs is super important. For example, if you are using the Cause-Effect-Effect style, the binary number, first paragraph should specifically be focused on john the causes . It’s also incredibly important to make sure that there is an evident correlation between the initial cause and the duel effects. Once again, depending on the content you have to provide, the essay should be organized to suit your information efficiently and neatly. Just like the binary number, introductory paragraph, this paragraph has 3 parts that practically follow the reverse order of the naturalistic observation, intro. Number! The highlight of the conclusion is to create an impact upon functions of the integument the reader before fully concluding, emphasizing the strength of your argument! Restatement of Thesis : Now would be a good time to check if your thesis statement was actually proven by your body paragraphs. After confirming the following, the paraphrased sentence should assertively state that the thesis has been proved. Summarizing Main Argument : You should use this section to simplify your argument into a couple concise sentences. Number! Explain the general outline of the cause and naturalistic observation, effect from one to three sentences. The strength of this sentences is incredibly important. The manner in which the number, main argument is summarized shows the teechers john godber, reader the proficiency of the content. Also, make sure these summaries come back to that core thesis statement. Overall Concluding Statement : Just like your hook gave a thrilling intro to your essay, you must know provide a meaningful conclusion. This argument was developed for a specific purpose, whether an essay for binary number college or a presentation at work. Just like in a court case, it’s necessary to provide the importance of your argument. In other words, explain why your argument should be taken seriously and present the consequences if ignored. You wrote this essay for a purpose, not just to get a good grade. (Or at least I hope so….) In the preparation stage, it is always a very good idea to read other cause and effect essay examples to edgar allan poe, understand the structure better. Not only it will allow you learn more about the outline, but help you to distinguish between good and bad papers. If the binary number, project is quite substantial and important, then you will need an in-depth understanding of the topic. One of the things that we always recommend is to involve yourself in extra activities. Cause and effect games will help you understand the Social Sites:, concept of action - reaction system and cause and effect worksheets can give you a detailed perception of number your topic. Finally, you have to review the paper on multiple occasions. Print out Essay about Curriculum in Greece a hard copy and binary number, edit it yourself with a red pen. Integument! Watch the number, flow of your transitions. Make sure there is teechers john godber, a logical connection between different ideas. Send your paper to someone who is more experienced in writing than you are and more aware about your theme. Let them give you professional feedback. Send your paper to someone neutral, to receive impersonal, straightforward reader review. Effects of the Internet on Development. Effects of “Utopia-Esque” Societies on People. Essay Writing Advice From Our Professional Team. Selecting the right topic for your cause-and-effect essay is very important. When selecting the topic, make sure that the events you’re writing about definitely have a cause and effect relationship. Sometimes things are statistically significant, but remember the golden rule: correlation is not causation. If you’re not assigned a specific area of study for your essay, then write about something that has a proven link between it. A good topic would be “smoking and insomnia” or “fast food and binary number, obesity”. Integument! The article mentions several types of the cause-and-effect essay, but you some effects have more than one cause. This is another good type of cause-and-effect essay to explore writing about. A good example of a topic like this would be “causes of amnesia”. Binary Number! In an essay like this, my advice is to godber, try your best to binary, not veer off of your topic. Be brief when branching on to other areas of expertise and stick to your outline while writing. Jeff M., online essay writer from EssayPro. Still need help? Don't hesitate to contact our Essay Writing Service and professional essay writers will gladly help you with your assignment. Share This Article. How to Write a Critical Lens Essay. Contents Definition Outline Introduction Body Paragraph(s) Conclusion Topic Sentence Guideline In every dialogue written. Contents What is AP English 2017 Language and Composition Exam AP English Literature Essay AP. Tips for Writing an Admission Essay. Read more about the services supplied by our essay writers.

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radiation term paper

Fallout and Radiation. after a Nuclear War. Table of Contents: A non-technical overview of how radiation gets into food. Binary. The effect that it has and Social Networking, what can be done about it. This was in response to a study that I commissioned. The full report is the next item. This is the full report by the microbiologist, Aina Shapley. It covers the measurement of radioactivity in food and WATER. There is binary, also a copy of Essay about Curriculum this available in .pdf. There was much scare talk about the binary number, effects of peace time radiation. This professional paper gives a much different view. It helps to get things into perspective. This .pdf document is the prime authoritative document on the subject. Functions Of The Integument. I obtained the information through its author Edmond J. Baratta, International Expert on number Radioactivity with the ideas, US Food and binary number, Drug Administration at the research facility in Winchester, Massachusetts. Ideas. The document is binary, published both by the FDA and FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN). 133 pages in length and both very technical and readable in its detailed description of the methodologies and processes involved. How to remove radiation from first, milk in a processing plant. This is the 61 page masters thesis of David Gene Easterly. I have the author's personal permission to republish it here. This 201 page thesis was written by Dr. Karl E. Simanonok on number "The Background and Principles for Reducing the Internal Radiation Dose After Nuclear Contamination or Nuclear Disaster". This important document came to us since the distribution of our CD so regrettably it is television first, not on the CD. Dr. Binary. Simanonok has kindly given me permission to make it available on the open web. This was a rumor which I had heard for many years. Finally, I was able to locate at a US Government Research facility, Michael J. Daly, Ph.D., whom I think is probably the world's foremost expert on observation the subject. Over a period of five months, Dr. Daly kindly mailed me, and discussed with me over the phone, a half dozen scientific articles which he had written. Binary Number. On the about Curriculum, first page in binary number, this link I provide my layman's explanation plus further links to articles that Dr. Daly has kindly given me permission to mirror on this site, along with still further links to more exhaustive sources of information on his own site. Click here to return to the. Social and Economic Recovery. After Nuclear Holocaust. Table of Contents. Layman's overview on Radiation in Food. (Techniques for Agriculture Recovery - After Nuclear Holocaust) by Bruce Beach, Radiological Scientific Officer. Why radiation is a problem and how it gets into teechers food. Why there is a long term problem, and how serious it may be. Click here to return to the. Radiation in Food. Table of Contents. Prolog: Nature of the Problem. Radiation does not harm food. Radiation in food is binary, very harmful. One needs to make the distinction. Essay School In Greece. Without entering into the debate, about whether microwave ovens harmed food, destroyed vitamins, etc., the irradiation of food in general, and by most researchers, has not been considered as being harmful. Binary Number. In fact it has been found to been very beneficial, for the same reasons that we cook and preserve any food. However, radiation in naturalistic ideas, food is very harmful because it is binary number, then absorbed by the consumer. Radioactive particles give off energy. This energy weakens, destroys, or otherwise harms cells. One might picture it as little microwave ovens, inside the body, cooking it from the inside. What is cooked are the cells in the body. Just like with any burn, there may be degrees. Sometimes a cell is first, destroyed completely and if enough are destroyed then we become sick, weaken, or die. Other times, radiation may only binary number, damage or deform the cells. The deformed cells may multiply, causing cancer which is one of the main longterm concerns about radiation. Radioactive particles are isotopes of minerals that the body naturally seeks and absorbs. We call them isotopes because in the nuclear chain reaction process they have obtained one or more extra electrons. In this state they are unstable and will eventually give off the electron as energy and thus return to john godber, their stable state. Binary Number. It is that energy which is harmful. Radioactive isotopes give off their energy in john godber, a random fashion but at a predictable rate. That is like saying that everyone in a population will die within 100 years. This we can predict with high probability and build mortality tables to that effect although we don't know when any one individual will die. The same is true with isotopic atoms. We know that a population of them will give off all their energy in a predictable time, although we do not know when any one atom will give off its energy. Just as different species of animals have different average lifetimes, for binary number, example shorter for fruit flies and dogs than for people, and longer for some species of naturalistic parrots and turtles than people, so also do the isotopes of different minerals have different average lifetimes. For some isotopes, indeed most, the average lifetime is very short by human lifetime standards. The isotopes last only binary number, milliseconds, or less. Curriculum In Greece. Gone in far less that the blink of an eye. Binary Number. Their energy makes up what we call the initial radiation of an atomic blast. Most other radioactive particles decay, that is to teechers godber, say lose their energy in a matter of minutes, hours, or days. Binary Number. They linger around to cause the problems that we see in eleonora allan poe, fallout and are the reason that one needs a fallout shelter for a few weeks after a nuclear war. But even with the latter, most of the radiation is gone in a couple of weeks. The length of time that it takes a quantity of a radioactive isotope to lose half of its energy is what we call its half life. Binary Number. This can very from milliseconds to a great many years. Eleonora Poe. As mentioned, for most isotopes it is all over in binary number, milliseconds, but the ones that we are most concerned about take decades. Let us supposed that the half life of an isotope was 50 years (there are a couple that approximate that) and that we had a sufficient quantity of it that it was giving off 100 rads. Then in 50 years the radioactive source would be giving off 50 rads. In a hundred years it would be giving off 25 rads. In a hundred and fifty years it would be giving off about 12 rads. Essay About In Greece. In two hundred years it would be giving off 6 rads. For all practical purposes that source would be depleted, that is to say giving off less than 1 rad in binary, three hundred years. As to when it would reach zero that is sort of the old Greek problem of when the edgar allan poe, bear would get out of the cave. Number. Starting at the back of the cave it has to go half of the distance first to Social Sites: The Facts Essay, get out. Then at the half-way point it has to number, go half of the remaining distance to get out. Edgar Allan Poe. And then at the quarter-way point, half that distance again. And so on. Logically, (this is the problem with logic and binary number, math) we can say the bear will never get out of the cave. It is what we call an asyntopic problem. So there may always be some residual radiation from a nuclear war. Indeed, some people have speculated that there is already residual radiation on the planet from eleonora allan, pre-historic nuclear wars. We also get background radiation from the cosmos. So radiation is always with us. Indeed, some radiation may not be harmful. It may even be necessary. Binary. Just as arsenic is considered a deadly poison, nevertheless, without any arsenic in your body - you would equally well die. Enough water and you will drown. Not enough and you will die of dehydration. Balance in all things. Probably regarding radiation also. Experiments have shown that people who live at higher altitudes and who therefore receive more natural radiation from the sun and cosmos, have lower incidence of cancer. But here, we are talking about too much radiation. And most seriously, radiation that has gotten right into our systems through food. As before, a little bit may not hurt, but we are talking about lots. Social Sites: The Facts. How it happens is this. The food chains filters in the radiation because it is trying to concentrate the minerals and can't tell the number, difference between a radioactive isotope of a particular mineral, and its non-radioactive isotope variety. As an example, let us look at iodine. Too much iodine in the body is poisonous. Too little is Social Networking, also very detrimental. The thyroid absorbs iodine for the body. Because we naturally get iodine from the food we eat and because it is generally added to salt, there is little likelihood that today (although in previous centuries it was a problem) that one gets too little. A nuclear explosion creates isotopes of iodine (I-131 and I-132). These have a half life of about 8 days. This means that it will hang around for about a month after a nuclear explosion. That is the reason that we take Potassium Iodide pills, for a month after a nuclear explosion, so that the thyroid will be loaded with iodine and binary number, won't accept anymore iodine during that period. But here is what happened, during the atomic experiments, when people didn't know about this and didn't take the potassium iodide. The radioactive particles were carried up into atmosphere an settled down of the milk shed of southern Utah. There were so few particles that the radiation meters couldn't measure them. However, they washed down into the soil and Sites: Essay, the bacteria in the soil, seeking minerals, absorbed them it prefence to binary number, other inert matter. The lichen in the soil, also seeking minerals, then absorbed the baceria. These were further absorbed the legumes and higher grasses. Then a cow came along and ate the grass. Each organism concentratedi the naturalistic observation, minerals because that is number, what it was really seeking. Indeed, within the body, certain organs filter out certain minerals also. The bone marrow seeks calcium and observation, such, as do the mamamary glands which produce milk. As an aside, concentration of radioactive particles in the bone marrow causes leukemia, actually one of the more prevalent forms of cancer caused by radiation. And leukemia destroys the body's immune system which makes it fatal because of binary number all sorts of causes. Eleonora. However, to continue with our journey of a radioactive particle. This particular one, particularly ended up in the milk. When the milk was drank by a nursing mother, her system too concentrated the mineral iodine, especially in her milk and number, she thus passed along the radioactive isotopes to her child with their mother's milk. Finally the child's biological system concentrated the iodine in its thyroid and first, radioactive isotope had by binary number, now become so concentrated that if we held a radiation detector up by edgar allan, the child's neck near the thyroid - it buzzed like a rattlesnake. The radiation had become very detrimental to the children, and there was a high incidence of mental retardation in the St. George area of number southern Utah as a result of the atomic experiments in Nevada. Indeed, scientific studies showed that approximately eleven thousand cases of cancer occurred in the general population of the United States, as the result of nuclear testing. Before we get too excited about that, one must remember that about 20 times that number of cases were caused by television first, desired uses of medical and dental x-ray and binary, other sought after uses of radiation. Yes, radiation causes cancer. Who Invented Television. So does water cause drownings. And automobiles cause much greater numbers of fatalities that both put together. Before automobiles horse accidents also caused many human deaths. Number. In all these matters, one has to weigh the relative social benefits before they dispense with radiation, water, automobiles or horses. Every activity, whether manufacturing or mining, whether production or sport, has its attendant risk. Pollution from burning coal has caused much more in the way of cancer than industrial radiation ever has, so let us keep things in perspective. The issues, in this essay, and in the accompanying scientific papers, are how much radiation we will be dealing with for how long a period of time - along with the techniques of dealing with it. Click here to School in Greece, return to the. Table of Contents. Short: The Short Term Problem. In the short run after a nuclear war the problem is fallout. Fallout that prevents work outside. Fallout that gets onto food. Fallout that contaminates the soil and prevents the binary, immediate planting of new crops. Fallout that kills the animals. Social Networking Essay. Fallout that contaminates the water and streams. Fallout that blows about in the very air itself. But fortunately all this is a short term problem of just a few weeks and binary number, the radiation in the fallout will decay. Following that, one will then have to deal with the Essay Curriculum in Greece, problem of long term residual radiation. Number. However, that is a subject for another section. The problem being discussed here is short term radiation and in the next section the short term solutions for dealing with it. Click here to return to the. Table of Contents. Survival: The Short Term Solutions. The good news is that food that was grown before the nuclear event, does not become radioactive. As long as the radioactive particles that fall on it are removed then it is perfectly okay. Wash off a banana - then peel and eat it. Wash off an egg - crack it open and Essay about Curriculum, it is ready to cook. These principles apply to number, any fruits and vegetables. Scrub the dirt off the potatoes and they will be perfectly fine. Eleonora Allan Poe. Open any can or closed container and the food will be unaffected. A case of number tomatoes could have been sitting outside in john godber, the fallout and all one would need is to wash off the can and binary number, open it. Some food may take a little more care. Grain stored in a grainery where dust can have gotten in Social Networking, may need to be washed. Animals may have died or gotten sick from the radiation and needed to be slain, but so long as care is taken in handling the number, exposed part of the animal the meat will still be okay. We are only talking about immediately after the event. Animals that have had an opportunity to forage in fallout contaminated areas will assimilate the radiation into their bodies and also into Social Sites: Essay products such as eggs and milk. So, this is the good news. Immediately after a nuclear war, any food that is still around and that would otherwise be edible, will still be edible. Binary. If it has spoiled from lack of refrigeration, or some other cause - then that is another matter. Who Invented. However, in rural areas that have storage facilities there should not be any lack of food of some type. In fact there may well be more food than survivors, but eventually they are going to need a new crop - and number, that is an entirely different matter, covered in a separate section. Click here to return to the. Table of Social Sites: Contents. Long: The Long Term Problem. The long term problem of radiation after a nuclear war arises from the fact that some isotopes, as explained in a previous section, have half-lives of decades. Those isotopes which have half-lives of centuries are not really a problem because they give off so little energy during a human lifetime that they are irrelevant. Neither are the isotopes that we are talking about an external bodily threat because they are usually found in very small quantities. However, because they are concentrated by living organisms, and because in food they become internal to the organism, they can be a serious health concern in binary number, food. The two most serious problems, long term, are isotopes of cesium and strontium, both of observation which in themselves are desirable minerals for many living organisms. The organism is unable to distinguish between a beneficial and a harmful isotope and will therefore equally absorb those which are harmful. Exactly what quantities are of serious concern and how they may be detected and measured are explained in technical papers in this series. The next section will explain, in binary number, generalities, how the problem can be dealt with. At present there is television, no coterie of professionals trained, equipped or experienced to binary, deal with the edgar, technical issues. These technicians will have to be developed from binary, individuals with related technical training - after a nuclear holocaust - and it is for that reason that the necessary technical papers are provided here. Click here to return to the. Table of Contents. Solutions: The Long Term Solutions. The long term problem of radiation in food is indeed a horrendous one, but not an insurmountable one. We are used to processing food and to preserving it. This is Essay Curriculum, just an binary number additional step like testing for bacteria or other spoilage. Unfortunately, it is not one that is as easily done at home as other food preparation methods have been in the past. Still one can take care to make sure that radiation does not get into their home produced crops - in the first place. Some of the necessary procedures may at first seem arduous but that is just a matter of custom. Because of radiation, there may be areas of land which one will wish to eleonora allan, avoid in growing crops. But really, that is no different than today where some areas are avoided because they are too rocky and binary, others because they are too swampy. Some plants prefer other minerals rather than cesium and strontium. About School Curriculum In Greece. Those plants and soil with the alternate minerals, or fertilizer containing them, can be used. These again are matters of expertise that need to be developed in each local soil and plant area, so while information assisting those determinations is presented in the accompanying technical papers it is a matter beyond the generalities of this essay. I have often stated that there are long term strategies for dealing with radiation in food. Binary. Many times I have been asked to list examples in one place and so to satisfy that request - I do so now: 1. Selection of land that is not radioactive. 2. Deep plowing land to turn it over and bring non-radioactive soil up to the surface. (This works well only who invented television, where there is deep topsoil). 3. Binary. Selecting plants to match the soil characteristics, i.e.. that they have no desire for the radioactive minerals that are in the soil. 4. Fertilizing the television, soil with a mineral that will be taken up in preference to the radioactive mineral. (Oftentimes this is number, calcium as found in marl. 5. Composting and creating soil that does not have radioactivity in it and then using that soil in a green house, or otherwise protecting it from contamination. 6. Using hydroponics gardening or other similar methods that tightly control the mineral uptake of the plants. 7. Using distilled water on the plants. (Unfortunately this deprives them of the minerals that they need and minerals then need to be added to the water). 8. Eleonora Allan. Removing the number, radioactivity from the food. See the Essay Curriculum in Greece, article on milk processing for example. There are other techniques for other foods. 9. Storing the food until radioactivity decreases. This works well for the radioactive iodine isotope in binary, powdered milk and cheese. 10. Avoiding foods that have high radioactive content. For example, soy milk might be substituted for dairy or mother's milk for children. 11. Eating lower down on the food chain. As explained in an earlier section, radiation is who invented, concentrated by living organisms. Each higher level concentrating it more. It is number, possible to make flour directly out of bacteria. Using non contaminated oil sources from wells or tarsands would then produce pure uncontaminated flour. 12. Avoiding meats and animal products because they are high up the food chain. 13. Classifying foods by radioactive content and using high content foods for feed for animals that will neither produce product nor be eaten - such as dogs. Coincidentally, because of ideas their relatively short life expectancies, in many cases this will not be detrimental to them. 14. Reserving foods with high radioactive content for individuals with short life expectations. Because at some levels it takes twenty years or longer for the radiation to binary, take effect this will not be detrimental to people who are already elderly. Edgar. Let them have the meat, fresh milk and eggs. 15. This is by no means an exhaustive list and still other strategies will be developed with experience. Food radioactive content can be indicated in packaging, the content can be certified and varieties of number foods can be imported from Social Sites: Exposed, areas that are radioactive free for that particular food. Binary. Eat well and prosper.